Best 4 Burner Hobs In India 2021 – Kitchen Hobs

When it comes to cooking, Hobs are the most important kitchen appliance. It is the legit item that is fully responsible to prepare food. It’s not wrong when we said hobs are the latest innovation of traditional gas stoves. Same as the normal stoves, Hobs are also available in different variations and styles. However, they are a little bit costly in comparison to a traditional gas stove. Right these days many gas hobs variety available in Indian market place. Though, it is confusing and difficult to find the best kitchen hobs. Worry not, here we point out a special collection of best hob top. Follow our list and choose the best hob for your kitchen.

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Top Picks in 4 Burner Hobs

iball 4 burner gas hobs

iBELL 4 Burner Toughened Glass Hob with Auto Ignition

Brand iball is the sleek yet sturdy hob under 4 burner. It comes up with auto-ignition. Just you have to turn the knob and the rest of the process is automatically done. However, electric ignition brings more convenience to your kitchen lifestyle. These heat-resistant knobs are durable under high temperature. Though, we called them oxidant resistant and totally rustproof. Consecutively, the modern design reflects the aesthetic look and shines with black tempered glass. This modern look being the part of compliment into your kitchen. A unique design feels your kitchen more spacious. Moreover, you are happy to see the strong and sturdy pan support, which is very much capable of holding heavy pots and pans.

bosch 4 burner gas hob

Bosch 4 Burners Hob with side-mounted controls

Bosch 4 Burner Gas hob is one of the demanded items in kitchen appliances. It is stylish, sleek, and handy kitchen equipment. Their side-mounted control makes them more convenient and unique. It has 4 top-quality burners and they are easy to clean. Moreover, very proficient to cook 4 dishes at a time. The brand is more focused on quality. Although, include steel support for proper handling. Thanks to Bosch to invent such a beautiful and strong hob. It’s quite easy to handle with joint control. This appliance is most suitable for LPG use kitchen. Thereby, Make sure there is no leakage inside the kitchen and use the ISI mark chord.

glen 4 burner gas hob in india

Glen 4 Burner Hob with Double Ring Forged Brass Burners

Glen 4 burners hob come up with Forged brass double ring burners. These are specially designed for Indian kitchens. When you look at their 8mm thick toughened glass. You may feel proud. It is scratch-resistant and easy to clean. As you look into the image. It comes up with 2 small and 2 large burners for utmost comfort. The brand maintains the hob strong nature. Thus it includes vitreous enameled pan supports. This is perfect for heavy utensils. Moreover, the matt steel drip tray is attached to clean the spill-over easily. Along with, the high precision gas valves engineered for the perfect flame control. Therefore, no more gas leakage issues in the future.

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Best 4 Burner hobs Reviews

If you’re thinking to renovate your kitchen and also planning to add new items into the kitchen. The hob is the best alternative to a traditional gas stove. Since it is not taken the lesser space but also more convenient and trendy. We look from past one decade the demand for conventional cooktops getting the drop. Though, people likely purchase hobs because they are more beneficial.

Today we added a detailed review of the best 4 burner hobs in India. Let’s check every hob that we listed below. So, you get an idea before making the purchase.

1. Elica Hob 4 Burner Italian Auto Ignition


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