Top 7 Best Air Fryers in India

best air fryer philips

It is damn hard to maintain diet plan when you are likable to enjoy snake foods such as chips, a full proof source of saturated fat. As you know, most of our delicious food is bad for health. 

So what? if i said, you can enjoy your great food dishes without having any trouble. Yes, this is being possible by using best quality air fryer.

Air fryer isn't a miracle substance but it can barely help you to wiped off 90% fat that might help you to eat a better version of your favorite food. 

Our latest survey revealed, the popularity of air fryer has been increased in past 5 year. Now matter to consider, a long list of air fryer overwhelmed market place. So, it's almost impossible for a new person to choose best air fryer in this competitive world.

Not to worry, our review team asked from 300 Indian consumer for their feedback on air fryer and prepare a report. In this report we manipulate some the of best and reputed brand on the basis of cooking performance, design, ease of use and cleaning. In spite, we mark these brand 1 to 7 on the behalf of features, pros, cons and value for money. 

In first view we cover our top 3 air fryer, which is absolutely booming in India. Make sure check these three because it will help you take right decision today.  

You may also read our CONCLUSION part at the end. it will also help you to learn something unique about best air fryer brands in India !!

Our Top 3 Picks

Top Pick
best air fryer philips

Philips Daily Collection HD9218 Air Fryer

Reason To Select?

Cook Yummy food with absolutely no fat

  30 minute timer with auto off

 Rapid air Technology

   Dishwasher safe parts

Top Pick
best air fryer in India havells

Havells Prolife Grande Air Fryer With Aero Crisp Technology

Reason To Select?

Digital touch control panel

  10 auto preset option 

 6.5 Litre Pan capacity

   2 year maximum warranty

Top Pick
best air fryer in India inalsa

Inalsa Air Fryer Fry-Light-1400W With 4.2L

Reason To Select?

"Adjustable Thermostat" and "Timer Selection"

  Powerful 1400 watt

 Bigger size serve your whole family

  Detachable basket can easily wash

Which is the best air fryer in India?

Best Air Fryers Reviews & Features

1. Philips Daily Collection HD9218 Air Fryer

Top Pick
best air fryer philips

Our Rating: 9.9/10

Key Features

  • Cook with up to 90% less fat
  • 30 minute timer with auto off function
  • More heat means more crispiness. It heat up to 200 °C 
  • you can use it for variety of food like fries, cakes, grilled vegetables, roasted chicken and more!
  • Inbuild with rapid air technology with for the perfect result
  • You can adjust your fry temperature manually
  • Power consumption is 1400 watt
  • All the parts are dishwasher safe and can easily wash

Get to know more about Philips air fryer

We render Philips air fryer is our prior choice of review list. Philips is a very famous and trustable brand in India for a decades. 

Philips Daily collection air fryer is the best air fryer in India that can help you in roasting, baking and grilling favorite food with no or little sprinkle of oil.  

The product is designed to used rapid air technology. This eternal technology would help you to cook delicious food with 85% less oil in comparison of traditional cooking method.

Likewise, Philips brand air fryer will become your  best friend will bring you all the fantasies of fried food without any guilt. 

Although, use its 200 degree temperature and enjoy the perfect food recipe within 30 minute. When we talk about their capability, This air fryer 2.2 liter capacity makes it hero for the family having 3 to 4 member. As we remember the air fryer is using rapid air technology, which can evenly distributes constant heat throughout the fryer container. So, you will receive crisp snakes once tender inside. 

Philips inherit automation in their air fryer machine that can automate your work. Sometime we forgot to turn off air fryer . So, this feature play important role and turn off air fryer when deduct burning.


  • One small spoon oil is enough to ready delicious food
  • Advance technology for the same taste as traditional cooking 
  • A latest version in air fryer industry 
  • Trusted brand already sold 20,000+ air fryer


  • The digital display is missed

Fan Said: Philips air fryer is wonderful and very user friendly product. it is useful for the people who are Calorie Conscious. Thank you amazon for on time delivery with good packaging.

2. Havells Prolife Grande Air Fryer with Aero Crisp Technology

Top Pick
best air fryer in India havells

Our Rating: 9.8/10

Key Features

  • Provide digital touch control panel
  • Its air crisp technology allows 360 degree hot air circulation
  • Loaded with 10 auto pre set option for better cooking ability.
  • Auto shut off feature makes it more compitable 
  • LED display show cooking time and temperature 
  • 6.5 liter pan capacity is large enough for any family
  • Safety feature like overload protection 
  • you will get a 2 year warranty on this smart purchase.

Get to know more about Havells

Havells is one of the outstanding brand in Indian market. It is diversified with different kind of appliance among it's buying audience and one of these is air fryer. 

It should be noted, Havells hold the 2 place in our top 7 list of best air fryer brand. This air fryer is the best ever option for those people who want to eat tasty food without getting worry about oil and fatty food.  

It is one of the improved version air fryer that other brand is missing. They continuously focus on making their appliance much better in compare of first version. Thus it comes on second number in the list best air fryer in India. Even so, fitness would maintain for long lasting.

Furthermore, rapid air technology works smartly to roasts, fries, bakes without using much quantity of oil. Point of fact it reduce the 85% oil when you cooking. just sprinkle some droplets of oil and get super quality food. 

Havells air fryer has 4 liter capacity which is more than enough for a single family or a family having 4 to 5 member. Indeed it's the best option that replace other popular brands and counter itself on second place in best air fryer in India. In spit of their sales, The number suddenly boost on top selling website like amazon and flipkart.

on the basis of our testing criteria. We highly recommend you can go for it. Quality is super awesome in this price range


  • Power : 1700watt means very powerful
  • Offered Recipe book is helping hand
  • Covered under 2 year manufactured warranty
  • Over heating protection function


  • Newbie takes sometime to understand all features and used to with it.

Fan Said: So many recipes possible with nominal oil. I love the tension free cooking with this air fryer. I just set the temperature and focus on other work . Right after the purchase we tried so many recipes, which we mostly do with lots of oil. Taste is really appreciable. I recommend one for every home.

3. Inalsa Air Fryer Fry-Light-1400W with 4.2L 

Top Pick
best air fryer in India inalsa

Our Rating: 9.5/10

Key Features

  • It's 1400 watt power cooks food faster than a conventional oven 
  • Quick release button detach the basket form air fryer at instant.
  • Easy to understand knob feature to forward command
  • this air fryer is not just limited to chips but you can also cook many items using recipe book offered.
  • For safety measures the appliance automatically turn off on basket removal.
  • It has their own benefits in compare of touch control panel. 
  • Rotating knob is easy even your finger is wet.
  • 17,00 verified reviews . It means already purchased by unexpected number of people 

Get to know more about Inalsa


This supreme quality air fryer conduct at 3 number on our review list. This  ultimate product from Inalsa has also ability to do much more beyond your expectation. we are sure it can indulge you craving without any guilt. 

This air fryer promote you to fry favorite food without any kind of extra calories. Use this air fryer at instant to expend your cooking boundaries by doing just than frying.

it's time to Roast a pork loin, grill juicy steaks and evermore toast a slice of bread using this versatile appliance. Beside that the air fryer has 4.2L capacity ideal for medium to large family. As like other two reviewed brand this has also powered by rapid air technology. It make constant balance to revitalize crispiness and freshness in food for long time.

Now it's time to fulfill you eternal desire and prepare low-fat & oil-free food !!....

Utmost feature like  "Adjustable Thermostat" and "Timer Selection" makes it more compatible in term of automation.  just you set all the process and sit back confidently. It can take care all your dishes and getting shut down when cooked.

Point of fact that the product from Inalsa is already purchased by large number of people. Moreover, you can read their 1600+ verified review on amazon website. 


  • Fully adjustable temperature control
  • Best for person having blood pressure problem
  • prepare low-fat & oil-free food
  • It has operate on 1400 watt. So, the cooking is fast


  • No cons observed so far

Fan Said: Using it for a month now. Very good product solve my both problem otg and frying. I absolutely love it. This is my 3 inalsa product. I have been inalsa customer for more than 6 years. They have a good processor and work like a charm. Don't think twice, just go for it.

4. Prestige Electric Air Fryer PAF 6.0

Top Pick
best air fryer in India prestige

Our Rating: 9.7/10

Key Features

  • With its 2L capacity fry, roast, bake and much more
  • 80 to 200 degree Celsius temperature well enough to cook.
  • Cook with hot air very vigorously
  • Easy to operate control knobs
  • Specially designed frying basket can easily pull out and clean in dishwasher
  • It has compact design required lesser space to accommodate in kitchen
  • Smoke vent help in observing unwanted smoke and adour
  • Come up with 1 year warranty

Get to know more about Prestige Air Fryer

Prestige is our 4th choice that you can trust. It's works on hot air technology is valuable to prepare low fat food. The hot air circulation takes place very vigorously.
During the whole process the fan and the grill regularly blast the hot air all around the food with high speed. Thus an intimate texture replicate at profound level.
It's right to said, Prestige is also a well known brand in Indian home. Almost every home have had one appliance from prestige. It's the reason they magnify their product area and launch many other trending item. One of them is air fryer, what we are talking about.
When you look at image found a beautiful and attractive air fryer. Not only in term of beauty but also they taken care quality & performance on the same level. Absolutely zero efforts required to prepare a healthy food. Most of the task done through automation. Although, a profound output you receive at a go.
Last but not least. We also check the food tastes and rationalize the result. which is exactly the same as oil fried food. Meanwhile, you can allow this best air fryer to grill, roast, fry and bake oil free food. A nice implementation of advance feature like 30 minute timer is easy to use. 
With it's 1200 watt power and 2l capacity bucket. you may finish your cooking task in a very less time. If you're a person working in a office or have busy schedule. This air fryer is best option for fast process with delicious taste.


  • 1200 watt power is relatively good for well cooked.
  • Compact in size
  • Blast hot air for deep cook
  • 2l capacity good for small family.


  • Do not fit for large family having 5 to 8 member

Fan Said: Cooking/baking was never easier. I just love the way how efficient it is. Nice product from prestige, I can now enjoy things which I want and that too with zero oil.

5. Havells Air Oven Digi 1500 watt, 4.6 Liter

Top Pick
best air fryer havells

Our Rating: 9.5/10

Key Features

  • A flexible Combination of Oven Toaster Griller, Air Fryer & Dehydrator
  • 4.6 liter capacity
  • equipped with AERO crisp technology
  • 9 auto preset option for perfect cooking
  • You can use up to 90 minute timer
  • 2 year full warranty with home service
  • 2.6 liter bigger rotational drum cook wisely
  • Special features like cool touch handle, transparent glass and auto shut off when cooked.

Get to know more about Havells 1500 watt

This is the best and most expensive air fryer from Havells. If you are looking full size air fryer then 4.6 liter Havells never disappoint you. It has a great combination of Oven toaster griller, Air fryer and dehydrator. 
With its aero crisp technology you can even cook better with no or small droplets of oil. This highly active appliance is feature loaded and hence you can buy it under Rs10,000 .
Most of people does not go with it. just because of high price when compare with other air fryer. But in our opinion this advance air fryer is best deal when you are looking it's characteristic.  Moreover, it has assembled with extra equipment like LED Display, digital sensor touch control panel, 2.6 L bigger size rotation drum basket, 2 N Grill Tray, 1 N Tray, 4.6 L non stick rectangular shaped basket and much more.
Now it's time to cook food evenly, without compromising in your food taste. This premium quality appliance is the better combination of fryer and oven. However, you can enjoy any type of recipe with small drops of oil. 


  • 6 attachment is accessible with this air fryer.
  • A big and rotational drum
  • Offer 2 year maximum warranty
  • provide recipe book


  • some of buyer complain User manual and recipe book was missing

Fan Said: I was laterally confused between otg and digi air oven by havells brand. But i found this two in one item is much better than other otg's. I have cooked lots of recipes in this air oven digi. Product is awesome. yet have not face any type of issue. Everything works perfect with automated time feature. It required very less oil in compare of traditional cooking.

6. AMERICAN MICRONIC 1500 watts Digital air fryer new upgraded 2022 model

Top Pick
Best american air fryer

Our Rating: 9.3/10

Key Features

  • 100% Imported from America with 2 Years India warranty
  • Accomplished with turbo turbo tunnel fresh air technology.
  • Adjustable temperature control absolute for perfect result
  • Upgraded model and energy efficient
  • This is certified by BIS for safety measures
  • Digital display show temperature and time
  • Stylish design and premium build quality
  • Stay cooled handle insulated against electricity and heat.

Get to know more about American Micronic

A clear idea gotten by the name. This air fryer is manufactured by American company. In one study we noted the facts about this company. They sell high quality products at very law profit margin. Thus the price is comparatively less as compared to other brands fall in this price range . If you are looking something extra ordinary under Rs 5,000. it's the perfect option for you.
When we saw the review of this air fryer, we are socked. Almost 75% buyer rated 5 star. This is the magic number for any brand has newly launched in India. Thus we added this air fryer in our top 7 list.
It is hard for normal a person to reach this air fryer without any external help. It couldn't show easily in search result. After spending a lots of time in product research we discover this revolutionary item for you. 
Matter of fact, This has also similar feature to other 1500 watt air fryer. you can compare it with Philips and Inalsa. As we featured These two in our top 3 list. Let's discuss some special attribute offered by American Micronic. 
Their 3.5L bucket is design to cook oil free fryums, samosa's, spring rolls, baked fish, chicken and everything that you want to add in your taste. It has 2 year maximum days warranty. The brand is responsible to free pick up and deliver in case any warranty repair and replacement.


  • 1500 watt with 4.6L capacity
  • 2 year warranty cover by Indian service center
  • Value for money
  • Good star rating on amazon


  • Electricity consumption is slightly high but it is worth

Fan Said: Using for about 4 months now. Reliable and adequate size air fryer. We tried with french fries, chicken, veg fries cake's good for health conscious people. The best part - the capacity offered for the price, way better than others.

7. Stock 2.6L 1350Watt Air Fryer

Top Pick
best air fryer in India from stock

Our Rating: 9.2/10

Key Features

  • The timer will beep a couple of times when it's done.
  • It deliver the same delicious, crunchy taste just like oil fried food 
  • It's express heat system cook 30% faster than oven
  • Temperature Adjustable range : from 80 ℃-200 ℃
  • Non-Stick Basket and Pan
  • Lower caloric count safe from killer disease
  • Rapid heating stainless-steel coil
  • Non-stick coating food basket

Get to know more about Stock 2.6L

If you're one a budget but want fried & crispy food in a healthy manner. Stock 2.6L Air Fryer is the budget-friendly economy model need to be consider. It is available in very reasonable price under Rs 3,000. This will possesses all the desired feature, what you expected in a higher end model

With it's 1350 watt power, The stock air fryer is efficient to fry variety of food types. As we look the stock air fryer provide on 2.6L space. So, it's only suitable for small families having 2 to 3 members. Undoubtedly, you can use its personally. When you're living bachelor or office lifestyle. 

It will take 3 minute to heat and instantly allowed you to cook any food right away. Well, it is much better than oven because oven takes 10-15 minutes in pre-heat.

This air fryer has 800+ verified reviews and the number has been continuously increasing. As like earlier discussed brand, The best part of this air fryer is dishwasher-safe. Although, no hurdle in cleaning. It's additional feature of express heat system will cook food 30% faster than an oven.

Happy to say, you got a all the premium feature in this budget-friendly item. Although, 360 degree rapid air technology, which circulate hot air all around the container. Thus, the crispiness and perfection imposed without a drop of oil. 


  • Reduce fat content near about 90%
  • Air System Technology
  • It control temperature 40 to 200 degree
  • it makes a variety of food dishes


  • People have complained for short cord.

Fan Said: best air fryer in this price range. using since last 6 months. Many of my friends have also bought this one stock 2.6L. I think no need to go for its costly branded when a good quality product available is less price.

Conclusion {Our Opinion}

Several type of Air Fryers ruled in our Indian Market But the real trick is to purchase an Air Fryers that is made with high quality and has high efficiency.

As per our expert recommendation, we choose Havells for heavy use.

And for Normal use our expert preferred  AMERICAN MICRONIC AIR FRYER

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