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    A food processor is counted one of the best kitchen appliance. A multi functional appliance works on the electric energy and could help to accomplish your hard tasks such as chopping, kneading, blending and pulverizing. The modern type food processor is right fitted for many other needs in home like making a vegetable and fruit juice, kneading bread dough, beating gg whites, beating cake batter, grinding meats and many related works as possible.

    As per the knowledge point of view, The food processor was developed in late 20 century. The concept come into the mind when the catering company salesman observed the large amount of time was spend in kitchen to complete the chopping, shredding and mixing task. Now the present world enjoy the delight of food processer everyday usage.

    In recent time the food processor has come in three different sizes full, compact and mini. Regardless, no matter whether the size you pick. The basic component are the same in everyone. These are to be a motor, a bowl with a lid and feed tube.

    So, today with the help of this article. I am going to share the 7 best best food processor which might be helpful to perform your kitchen task. Before moving to the next step, It's necessary to announce, there are top 3 food processor just added below. These are for those people who don't have enough time to read the full food processor review guide. Let's gets started and understand which one is the next would enter into your kitchen.

    Our Top 3 Picks

    best food processor in India - Usha

    Usha 1000-Watt Food Processor

    Reason To Select?

    2 Speed Setting+Pulse.

    Premium Black SS Finish.

    5 year maximum warranty.

    1000 Watt Powerful Motor.

    best food processor in India - Bajaj

    Bajaj 600 Watt Food Processor

    Reason To Select?

    18000 RPM motor.

    High quality  stainless steel blade.

    3 jar set for multi function.

    Interlocking function.

    morphy food processor

    Morphy Richards Food Processor

    Reason To Select?

    1000 Watt powerful motor.

    6 Stainless Steel Blades.

    7 unique jars with multiple function.

    2 year complete warranty.

    Which is the best Food Processor in India?

    Quick Recommendation

    Each brand that we go through has something unique. If you want to take quick action and want all over best deal at affordable price. Surely go for Morphy Richard 1000 watt food processor is our recommendation with fully feature loaded product by Morphy Richard. If you have Low budget & want advance feature oven then visit - 2022 best seller is just below.

    2022 Best Seller

    food processor best seller

    Philips 700 Watt food processor

    This Philips Food Processor is the best seller in year 2022. It has high in demand. Large number of Indian people already purchased the product . However, a perfect option in reliable price. To know more about the product interesting features click here

    7 Best Food Processor In Detail Review

    1. Usha 1000-Watt Food Processor with Copper Motor & 13 Accessories

    best food processor in India - Usha

    Our Rating: 9.9/10

    Key Features

    • It also has a dedicated centrifugal juicer.
    • Easy juicing with full mouth feeding tube.
    •  6 food grade specialize blades for multiple applications. 
    • Smart storage box for blades and dics.
    • 100% copper motor generate high torque.
    • 100 watt effortless power.
    • Accomplished many task with one machine. 
    • The brand offer maximum 5 year warranty. 
    • A perfect option and suitable for a Indian family.

    Get to know more Usha 1000 watt food processor

    Usha 1000W is our first choice in 7 best food processor in India. This brand has everything to fulfill your cooking need. Usha is the popular name for a decade in the appliance list. They are selling different variety of kitchen and home appliance such as gas stove, mixer grinder, electric cooker and food processor. After doing a lot of search and visiting different brand official store we confirm our decision to Usha. There are more option available with same feature but there is a little difference decide the position in best 7 list. Now, it's time to get more familiar with  Usha food processor and their advance feature.

    If you look more closer to the product image. You will find all in one appliance. It's not only food processor but also doing multiple task with one head. you can use it 12 different kitchen procedure. It come up with 3 impact resistant jar and 1 food processing bowl. However, 1000 watt power make it more explicit. There outer design is furnished with premium black SS finish and a safety lock is embedded for safe operation.

    The jar quality used is laterally finest. The capacity of blender, bowl and multi-purpose jar is measure 3.5L, 1.8L and 1.2L respectively. There is also one chutney jar of 1.2L makes it more superior. Moreover, the extra space provided at below for blade sortation. This might helpful to stay safe these blades. Thereby a zero chance to forgot these essential attachments.

    You're excited to know the Usha Food processor is come up with the set of 6 specialized blades for multiple application. The name of the blades is Slicing, Shredding, Grating, Atta Kneading, Chopping and Whisking. You can also check the magnified view of these blades in the form of images. These images are available on the  product page. Thus, a great choice waiting you other side. you can check it right away because the product is chosen by comparing different brand. Research process require lots of efforts and time when a normal person do. 


    • 5 year complete warranty.
    • Premium black finish.
    • 2 speed setting + pulse option for fast movement.
    • Safety lock for safe operation.


    • Pusher got chipped after falling.

    Fan Said: "I was confused for  which brand to buy, just doing the research and visiting different ecommerce website  but finally having this food processor. I am happy with the right decision & super delighted .The quality is top notch. The product has 5 containers in total."

    2. Morphy Richards Icon Superb 1000-Watt Food Processor

    morphy food processor

    Our Rating: 9.8/10

    Key Features

    • Centrifugal Juicer extract fresh vegetables and fruits juice.
    • The brand assured you 2 year warranty.
    • 5 processing blades is specifically designed for high volume food processing.
    • Child lock feature is one step toward the safety.
    • 7 unique jar offered for multiple function.
    • Power Requirement: AC 230V, 50Hz
    • 11 attachment is the full packed kitchen solution.
    • 1000 watt power is super boosting nature.

    Get To Know More About Morphy Richard Food Processor

    Morphy Richard is our second choice in food processor list. This is also a ultimate product in existence. It has a versatile nature and available in a new look. One of my friend personally using the same and fully satisfied with the feature and working ability. Based on our analysis and practical experience the brand has barely focused on build quality and heavy duty usage. Thus a very profound appliance not only contribute for dishwasher facility but also fulfill the mixer grinder and juicer requirement as well. Lets gets familiar with the feature and outstanding performance.

    There are 11 attachment makes it one stop solution. Meanwhile, no need to purchase sperate kitchen appliance for particular work. All of the toughest task could be done effortlessly by using1000 watt strongest motor. 

    Variomatic 7 step slicing has designed to customize the slicing thickness. So, you can decide the vegetable figure in 7 sizes. Other side the citrus juicer can easily extract juice from citrus fruits. you can take any type of fruits such as sweet lime, malta, lemon, oranges, keenu and more. 

    This icon Superb food processor is very helpful for daily routine task like Dough/Atta kneader, chopping and mincing. Nonetheless, its quadra flow technology would ensure perfectly blended ingredients. Along with its 4 jar set is able to perform various function and however, it will assured you 2 year warranty on motor.

    It is the legitimate choice if someone looking high volume or capacity product. Thus a right product as per our review guidelines. Thereby you can check it for yourself or gift to closest one.


    • 2 year warranty.
    • Pay on delivery option available.
    • superior processing of the ingredients.
    • Unique 2-in-1 pusher.


    • Blade quality may be improved.

    Fan Said: "All the products collection were intact and in perfect condition. I have been using other brand food processor since a long time, but I feel the difference after purchasing Morphy Richard . It is fast, energy efficient and however value for money. The atta maker is a savior and the Chopping is fantastic. "

    3. Bajaj Food Factory FX 600-Watt Food Processor (White)

    best food processor in India - Bajaj

    Our Rating: 9.5/10

    Key Features

    • Sporting a classy design is durable and long lasting.
    • Overload protector prevent motor from damage.
    • 3 speed setting for momentary operation.
    • Unbreakable bowl and lid.
    • 2 year complete warranty on product and 5 year on motor.
    • 600 watt motor produce 18000 RPM.
    • Locking system ensure the safety.
    • Multiple accessories can be used for food processing.

    Get To Know More About Bajaj 600 Watt Food Processor

    Bajaj is our 3rd choice and very budget friendly item. This is also in trending past so many years. Bajaj brand is focused on cost effectiveness and the high quality. In the sense, The buying audience had respond in excited manner. Hence the feedback and customer response with due the fact of star rating is excellent. There are 1,285 verified buyer had already shared their 5-6 month working experience with food processor. The best part is that the most of people were happy with the product and however they rated 4 star or above. As a reviewer, we go through all the discussion and take decision in a very polite way. We identify whether it's worth or not. Based on all factor and checked criteria, we finally decide to add Bajaj 600 watt in our list at 3rd number.

    This handy appliance is designed in a accurate way. So, it can perform the multiple function and helping out in tedious, time consuming tasks. The brand promises the food processor isn't make the cooking easy but also churn out healthy dishes in matter of minutes.

    It bear the process on 3 speed setting with pulse function. The jar is made up of stainless steel and polycarbonate. Hence, the 2 jar and one centrifugal juicer is suitable for varied use. The small jar is used for chutney making and large one could be chosen as liquidizing jar. Along with the processing bowl is made by unbreakable polycarbonate material.

    Their multipurpose functionality is awarded for foremost task. It is introductory appliance to whip creams for cakes and pastries. Even though you can ready purees, batters and chutneys with additional jars. It has also a interlocking system which would prevent from  injuries and accidents. At the end Bajaj 600 watt motor has completed this kitchen appliance . The motor is overload protector. Therefore, it can protect the food processor while being damage happen due to overload.


    • 2 year product and 5 year motor warranty.
    • Sturdy and powerful 600 watt motor.
    • Stainless steel jar deliver classic look.
    • Consider the safety measures.


    • Overload on ATTA kneading.

    Fan Said: "its a blessing for my  kitchen. very compact just only need little space. I bought this product for my mom birthday presence. Without any second thought I would recommend it. This Bajaj appliance performs all the designated task in an excellent way."

    4. Inalsa INOX 1000W Food Processor with Blender Jar

    Inalsa food processor - Inalsa

    Our Rating: 9.7/10

    Key Features

    • It simplified the cooking process and save you precious time.
    • Food processor can whizz through any kitchen prep job.
    • It has diverse array of attachment. So, it is important to pick right one. 
    • It will added the aroma into your food.
    • Well suited for preparing healthy juice. 
    • Knead atta dough perfectly and Does not leave air holes.
    • Whisk and whip in a sophisticated way.
    • Spend less time in kitchen and get more time for yourself.

    Get To Know More Inalsa 100o Watt Food Processor

    This Inalsa powerful model is our 4th choice. Its 1000 watt motor makes it legendry kitchen appliance.  However, finishing a tough task is like a dream. Although a very supportive food processor quipped with all the essential items  grinding, blending, mixing & juicing.  

    The appliance has many exciting function that you can used for shredding, chopping, slicing and emulsifying foods. Now it's time to sit and relax. All the left work let's do the food processor. It's 2 liter bowl is ideal for preparing large meals.  The wider feeder tube can easily fitted the large quantity food at a go. contemporary everything is quick, easy to process and take less time in preparation.

    It is convenient, handy and easy to wash. The attachment and blades swapped up  easily. Thus, you can clean them easily after the use. Unlike other food processor Inalsa is a quiet comfortable and endeavor the peaceful cooking experience. It has also a knob to control the speed along with pulse function. The pulse rotation is allowed you to boost the speed at express level. 

    All of these essential delights should possible by using a wide range of accessories named as 0.4 liter chutney jar, 1.5 liter blender jar, 1 liter wet grinding jar, french fry cutter, Fine Shredder Disc, Coarse Shredder Disc, Citrus Juicer, Centrifugal Juicer, Kneading Blade and chopping blade. Yes, all these diversified parts is available with one food processor. Once you have one than you do not need to purchase extra appliance for special task force.

    For sure, you can go for Inalsa powerful product and also recommend to your friends and love ones. This is right option for any family having foody living style. 


    • unlimited function.
    • Superior Quality & Multi-Purpose Jars.
    • 3 Speed Setting With Pulse Function.
    • 2 Year Warranty Card.


    • Plastic speed regulator dial having slippery issue. 

    Fan Said: "Very profound item. Most of the parts are removable. So, cleaning can be done easily inside dishwasher. Additional safety feature impart. I am happy to say, the atta kneader is working fine till date. My cooking skill has improved too. It takes less than 2 mins to knead atta for 3 people."

    5. Usha Food Processor 600-Watt with 3 Jars (White)

    best food processor in India - Usha

    Our Rating: 9.5/10

    Key Features

    • Available in white color.
    • Blade material is stainless steel.
    • Anti skit feet prevent disbalance on slippery surface.
    • 3 pin Plug with Earthing for Safety.
    •  Voltage: 230V required to operate.
    • Plastic material is Polycarbonate.
    • Brand offer 2 year comprehensive warranty.
    • A demo CD come with a delivery box.

    Get to know more about Usha Food Processor

    If you are the one do not afford high amount and want a better food processor than USHA is the best available option for you. Usha is also a famous brand in their age and continuously present their cooking essentials in less price. This is almost available in half price of other brand that we discussed earlier. When we talk about the build quality and sturdiness. The brand has everything good to fulfill your basic need. The motor power is little bit slow but firmly  execute your hunger.

    Unlike other food processor usha has Separate whipper and overload reset switch. Almost the feature is same . It has also 3 jar and 10 attachment. It's safety interlock switch and anti skid feet make it intellectual appliance. Motor used 100% copper. Thereby, the less electricity required to perform heavy task.

    The product does not have enough data to get proper idea about performance but we do the some study through different resources. However, you can definitely pick the usha instead of other brand in this price range. We go through all other company but no one fit as per our review criteria.

    For detailed info you would surely check the product page. There are 270+ review tells the overall journey of usha food processor. Based on our console, if a product have 4 or above star rating out of 5. Promptly, falls under the  good sentiments and working potential. Even so, you can purchase it without any negative provision.


    • 2 year full warranty.
    • 600 watt powerful motor.
    • Very budget friendly food processor.
    • Usha is a trusted brand in Indian Market.


    • Do the noise.

    Fan Said: "A great food processor invented by Usha in this price. No confusion, a true multi tasking machine. Uniform motion can Chop vegetables & fruits, use for atta maker, use it as a juicer, mixer grinder and so much more. Highly recommended."

    6. Butterfly Cresta Food Processor 1 HP, 5 Jar

    best food processor in India - stylish

    Our Rating: 9.2/10

    Key Features

    • 1 hp powerful motor with 4 speed mode.
    • Grind toughest ingredients easily.
    • Vegetable chopper is a very useful option.
    • Food processor selective speed technology control processing operation.
    • Power Requirement: 230 - 240 V.
    • Aesthetically designed body with shock proof ABS.
    • pusher for fine extraction of juice.
    • 2 year warranty card make it more valuable.

    Get to know more Butterfly Food Processor

    Our 6th choice is popular for their stylish look. It has beautiful glimpse of Turquoise Green color. It has 1 hp powerful motor allow you to grind toughest material with no struggle. The motor works on FPSS technology that provide the control on speed and may confirm the operation execute on optimum level. 

    It has Citrus Juicer attachment that can use to extract maximum juice with retaining the nutrition value. Now you can take out the fresh juice with lemon and sweet lime in a short period of time. The butterfly food processor also avail you Thin and thick grating blades rasping the several types of vegetables and fruits. These blades are super amazing for preparing the salad menu, continental and Indian cooking. Moreover, the designer blades is specialize slicing vegetables in different style.

    Stainless steel material used to assemble the jar, which is corrasion proof and  deliberately makes the jar stain proof. Nevertheless, it is dominant to add style and elegant look inside your kitchen area. Even an extension whisk is very likely used in Indian household. Their work is to ready the favorite drink like buttermilk, lassi and even a fresh cream etc.


    • 2 year full proof warranty with card.
    • Increase the beauty of your kitchen.
    • Used 1 hp powerful motor.
    • Blade Support Disk & Shaft.


    • Plastic quality might be improved.

    Fan Said: "Awesome product makes my daily task super easy and laterally, I am happy with the product performance. It chops and grinds very quickly & uniformly within no time."

    7. Philips Food Processor 700Watts with Chutney Jar

    best food processor in India - Philips

    Our Rating: 9.3/10

    Key Features

    • Dishwasher Safe Accessories.
    • Sturdy base stand is stable during operation.
    • Compact design take minimum storage.
    • Powerful 700 watt motor.
    • Chopping blades for onion and other vegetables.
    • Blender for Shakes and Smoothies.
    • 2.1 liter bowl capacity.
    • Used Powerchop Technology.

    Get to know more Philips Food Processor

    This is 7th best choice and last in our list. In today world every appliance company in race. Thereby, Philips brand also launched their Food Processor. As we know the Philips has old brand and known for many popular appliance like Mixer Grinder, OTG Oven and many more. So, the trust factor high if you have already using the Philips product. Well, It's time to know more about the food processer and the feature offered. 

    It has been using 700 watt high RPM motor. It has potent to chopping, kneading and juicing task in less time. So, you can spend your maximum time with family and friends. The brand initiate the Powerchop technology, which has superior and legitimate chopping experience. However get the satisfied result in both soft and hard ingredients.

    An extra box provides attached to Food Processor for storing the accessories. The base stand is sturdy and stable even in worst situation when you kneading the dough. Moreover, 2 speed control and one pulse mode for maximize the speed at instant. Allover the good choice, you can check it too.


    • Complete the desire of mixer grinder.
    • Black and white color look classic.
    • 2 year worldwide warranty.
    • Variable speed and safety lock


    • Blade felt light and flimsy.

    Fan Said: "Thanks Philips for the Great product. Atta making done in just 5 min for 15 chapati. Slicer quality is very fine, cuts all vegetables very accurate. Rest of the product is not used yet. Recommended from my side."

    Conclusion {Our Opinion}

    This is the Final result of best Best Food Processor In India. After doing the lots of research and spending time on different ecommerce website. We imply our prediction and choose one best Food Processor for you.

    You can surely check Usha 1000-Watt Food Processor With Copper 

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