Best hair Dryer in India

The Hair Dryer was first introduced in 1925 and generate only 100 watts of heat. Therefore, The blowing heat was not sufficient to dry the hair quickly. Over the period of time, The situation has been changed and invented new generation hair dryer. They have triple or four times heat generation power. Right these days, Technology makes it possible to develop up to 500-2000 watt hair dryer. As we look most Indian families has routine bathing and styling the hair. Now, which hair dryer is best in the crowded marketplace both online & offline. Today we added the 7 best hair dryers available in India. All of these have supreme quality and excellent in performance-wise.
We do the research and read numbers of articles before adding these revolutionary items. Moreover, we take the advice of verified buyers and read their shared feedback on the trusted website. So, the chance of inconvenience is almost none. If you’re a busy schedule guy and don’t have enough time to read the full review guide of hair dryer. Don’t worry, we added the conclusion direct below. Just check our Top 3 Picks.

Top 3 Picks

Best in OverallHavells hair dryer

Best heavy dutyVega pro 2200 watt

Budget-friendlyPhilips Hair Dryer

Recently Added on Consumer Demand

havells HD hair dryer
Ionic Air Flow

Havells HD3201 1500 Watts 3 Heat (Hot/Cool/Warm) Settings Hair Dryer with Ionic Air Flow for smooth shiny hair- Blue

This Havells hair dryer gives you powerful hair drying. Their 1500 watt capacity is for a powerful blow-dry and everyday styling. It works on iconic flow technology which neutralizes the dust and reduces frizz from tangled hair. The dryer also plays a major role to flattens the cuticle. So, the hair may turn smooth and shiny. Though, it may keep hydrated and healthy all the time. Their cool air shot retains your hairstyle. Accordingly, the low temperature is also used to set the hair look at the end of the drying session. Thereby, the excellent result taken out. Usually, the fixed concentrator gently control the airflow in specific section. Allover, a best deal you may got with these best hair dryer.

Vega go pro hair dryer
3 Heat Setting with cool shot button

VEGA Go-Pro 2100 Hair Dryer With Cool Shot Button & 3 Heat Settings (Ananya Panday Signature Collection)

This vega hairdryer is presented by Ananya Panday signature. A professional hair dryer would be capable to accomplish your style dream. Their 2100 watt powerful motor has 2-speed settings and 3 heat settings. These implicit features make it more efficient and give a premium drying experience. In order to the flexibility, the dryer comes up with a detachable concentrator nozzle. Although, you can do the precision styling and clean it easily by removing the nozzle cap. In addition, they provide you latest features like cool shot button and overheat cut out. Indeed, safety is also the priority you may feel with the vega hair dryer brand.

Agaro hair dryer
Excellent in Budget Price

AGARO HD-1120 2000 Watts Professional Hair Dryer with AC Motor, Concentrator, Diffuser, Comb, Hot and Cold Air, 2 Speed 3 Temperature Settings with Cool Shot For both Men and Women, Black

Agaro hair dryer is designed to bring convenience and a better experience. Though, the quality of life and all-over lifestyle would improve. Their 2000 watt powerful ac motor is a complete structure to provide high-speed airflow and healthy heat. Whilst, the product has a great combination of 3 heat and speed settings. Along with one cool shot button is also added. However, the multiple modes is great suit to adjust the flexibility in your hair. Their ion concentration produces an average number of 160,000 ion per cubic centimeter. Contemporary, the elimination of frizz gets smoother the hair and side by side it may prevent hair from damage.

Havells HD 1600 watt hair dryer
Also Best Option in Foldable & Portable Hair Dryer

Havells HD3181 1600 Watts Unisex Foldable Hair Dryer, 2 Heat (Hot/Warm) Settings with Cool Shot Button-Black

This is another Havells hair dryer with a compact design and powerful motor. It has better ergonomics for comfort and easy handling. Their heat balance technique ensures uniform heat distribution. This may result in less heat exposure and thus prevent hair damage. The Havells brand optimizes the sound exposure and gives it to you a silent drying session. So, it will directly save you ear in long. Though, a gentle option also rescued your body parts. Besides that, the long power cord has been designed for maximum flexibility and allows you a wider radius to move around the house. Moreover, the storage hook helps to rest the hair dryer anywhere inside the house.

carrera hair dryer
Professional Look Hair Dryer

CARRERA 631 Professional Hair Dryers for Men & Women | Hairdryers – Styling Nozzle-Diffuser, Blow Dry, Hot-Cold Air, AC 2400W

CARRERA 631 is the newly launched best addition. It is also famous for the perfect hair look. Their one press button release millions of ions. We had seen the ion but negatively charged ion is radially smoothen the outer cuticles. Although, it might reflect the Frizz-free lustre and attractive appearance. The one-button control allows you to on and off the ioniser anytime. It’s subjected to narrower styling nozzles. So, you can finish your hairstyle creatively and precisely. We highly recommend using the round brush. So, the pressure force per unit area is easily scattered. The pack include a power dryer machine, volume diffuser and Professional styling nozzle.

ZOkixto hair dryer
Hot Air Brush Use Professionals

ZOKIXTO Hot Air Brush, Hair Dryer, and Volumizer Styler, Professional 3-in-1 Salon Negative Ion Ceramic Electric Blow Rotating Straightener and Curly Comb

A unique oval brush could easily tangle hair. The hot air brush undoubtedly, reduces the frizz, split ends, static, and tangles. It may also nourish your hair. Note, the first few minutes of use, you would notice smoke and a slight odor. Though it’s a normal startup process and thus disappears very soon. The tangle-free bristles are comprised of nylon and they have the power to detangle hair by using its toughed bristles. Its boar technology has a boar grip to create smooth and shiny hair. On the same side, the innovative airflow events provide you faster dryer and better coverage. Along with the professional 6ft swivel cord fit for tangle-free hairstyle.

7 Best Hair Dryer in India

Our dedication and full-time efforts has achieved a successful result. So, it’s easy for our readers to add wise hair dryer while making your purchase. These are the best available options that have the quality to provide you salon-like hairstyle. Now, you can be done all the hair tasks without spending lots of time and money.

1. Wahl Super Dry Professional 2000 Watts Styling Hair Dryer- Black

best hair dryer in India wahl

Standard Features

  • Drying instantly without losing hair shine.
  • Variable heat setting your optimum use.
  • Working on  Latest Tourmaline Technology
  • Cold Shot button feature prevents from heat damage.
  • 2 professional nozzles for desired hair style

Wahl is our very first choice in hair dryer list. It has all credentials that require to dry hair in a healthy way. This hair device is designed especially for Indian women and as well as men. Based on our deepest analysis, we found Whal brand has remarkable features such as Anti-static blow, Heat setting, Speed setting and quick-drying with cool shot. Along with they offered you 2 professional nozzles and one Diffuser attachment. All over the best deal to get the everlasting shiny hair. We highly recommend it because the large number of buyers already purchased the same hair dryer and take advantage promptly.

2. Havells 1200W Foldable Hair Dryer, 3 Heat (Hot/Cool/Warm) Settings

best hair dryer in India havells

Standard Features

  • Powerful drying system with 1600 watt.
  • Pass the air flow in gentley in every section of hair.
  • A better control during styling.
  • Added seperate cool shot button for convinience.
  • Best part we like is foldable handle.
  • 2 year complete warranty by Philips

This is Havells second best hair dryer in our list. It has exceptional quality and well-known for its surprising look. Their high power is assembled for optimum level airflow. So, it can allow you to quickly dry the hair. Now, it’s cool shot technology would retain your hairstyle at the end of the drying session. Thereby, your hair attains a long-lasting result. Whilst, Havells brand prove themselves a bundle of style and very easily adapt the smooth hair finish. Indeed, a proficient deal in a pocket-friendly price. You can check it directly at the above link. This product has an excellent star rating and consumer beloved to recommend other.

3. Philips HP8120/00 Hair Dryer (Pink)

best hair dryer in India philips

Standard Features

  • 1200 watt power for gentle and beautiful drying.
  • Compact design is easy to carry while travel.
  • Fast air setting for quick drying in efficient manner.
  • Thermo protect temperature control setting.
  • Actress Alia bhatt is the brand ambassador of this philips product.

Philips is a very old brand in the fashion industry. However, they promote quality products in the market. For now, Philips recently launched 3 model hair dryer but the exact one that we added has a prominent sale in Indian market. The best reason of getting it more sales is a reasonable price. Conveniently, they provide extreme features like thermo protect is very suitable to safe your hair when overheating. Along with 3 pre-selected drying setting care your hair when quick drying. You can easily control these setting directly from one button.

4. AGARO HD Premium Hair Dryer with 1400 Watts Motor

best hair dryer in India agaro

Standard features

  • Stylish, light weight and compact with foldable handle.
  • 1400 watt hair dryer include concentrator nozzle.
  • Auto-shutt off function in overheating danger.
  • 1.8 meter extra long cord.
  • cool shot button exhale the burst of cold air to set desired hair style.

Agaro hold the 5th best place in our review list. It has a classic design and available in dark black color. As compared to other hair dryers in 1400 watts. Agaro is frequent less in price. In our opinion, Agaro provide impeccable finishing. Gradually, The concentrator nozzle works by focusing the flow of air. Thus, the pressure of air would transfer onto a specific area. Usually, the foldable handle with loop makes it more convenient and portable. However, you fit it anywhere when traveling from one place to another. Indeed, a perfect solution for hair at a reliable cost.

5. Syska HD1600 Trendsetter 1000 Watts Hair Dryer – Teal

best hair dryer in India syska

Standard Features

  • Heat balance technology with low noise.
  • Protect from excess heat.
  • Portable design. You can carry anywhere you want to go.
  • Speed function for extra care.
  • Uniform temperature for shiny and healthy-looking hair.
  • 2 year complete warranty.

This Syska hair dryer is our sixth choice and Ideal for everyday use. It comes up with heat balance technology. Their property to distribute the heat evenly and consecutively. Moreover, the overheating sensor deducts the heat inclusion and protect from the unwanted accident. The 2 heat options and speed setting enables the flexibility to control airflow and maintain the moisture in the hair. Nevertheless, the design is compact, lightweight and easy to carry wherever you plan to go. Besides all these facts, the big wind inlet works appropriately to reduce noise and efficient drying.

6. Remington Compact Hair Dryer (D5000), Black

best hair dryer in India ramington

Standard Features

  • Eco setting saves more electricity.
  • 1800 watt high power with 3 heat and 2 speed setting.
  • This is called travel dryer. Easy to carry.
  • Hanging loop to settle anywhere.
  • Come up with 2 years warranty card.

If you’re looking for a powerful hair dryer then remington 1800 watt is the best available option. This dryer is high in demand and had already purchased by a large number of Indian buyers. When we analyse this product we found it has 3,700+ customer feedback and the number has been increasing day by day. Their highest heat setting is very powerful to dry your hair within a minute. Consecutively, the brand equipped this item with an energy-saving setting. So, it can save your electricity bills too. Indeed, the best option in terms of power and however, portable means easy to carry while traveling.

7. VEGA Pro-Xpert 2200 W Professional Hair Dryer with Diffuser

best hair dryer in India vega

Standard Features

  • 2200W means quick dry.
  • Include 1 Diffuser and 2 Detachable Nozzle.
  • Cool shot button.
  • Cord Guard with Hanging Loop.
  • 2 year complete warranty by brand.

This is vega pro expert 2200 watt professional hair dryer. The brand designed a great combination of style and technology. It comes up with a powerful AC motor that flows the faster air which might help to get pretty smooth, frizz-free, trendy hairstyles in absolutely no time. The best part is the hair dryer is a combination of the diffuser and two concentrator nozzle attachments. However, it can evenly distribute the air to the maximum surface. Thus, it is suitable for wavy and curly hair.

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