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    This is interesting to know, When the invention of oven become popular in 1970s. It lifted the household convenience at very high level. This time oven heating process is very much slow but the discovery of microwave oven get in ruled and everything changed.

    Based on knowledge point of view, The latest technology of microwave oven uses tiny and high power electromagnetic radiation to cook food evenly. The actual time does it take to cook being noted is 6 time faster than simple oven.

    Microwave oven become an inevitable and quick used kitchen appliance because it may suddenly pass the heat energy direct to the molecules(particles) inside food. It's same as sun heat radiation hit you face. Moreover, it works on energy saving methodology. Thereby you do not need to wait to heat up first at high temperature.

    Although, it can help you to eat healthier and speed up defrosting times. In the meantime, a large collection of microwave oven exist in Indian market. Thus the wide range being a part of confusion while take decision. So, it is pretty hard where do a person would invest their money.

    For your ease and convinience, we share a full guide about best convection microwave oven in India. If you're busy person and don't have enough time to read whole article. You can definitely go for top 3 choice. These are absolutely fine and well researched by our team.

    You may also read our CONCLUSION part that might help you to grab something extraordinary !!

    Our Top 3 Picks

    Top Pick
    best microwave oven in India samsung

    Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave Oven With Magnolia Pattern

    Reason To Select?

    10 years warranty on ceramic cavity.

    Suitable for large families.

    Slim Fry technology for oil free item.

    Saves energy on standby mode.

    Top Pick
    best ifb microwave oven

    IFB 23 L Convection Microwave Oven With Starter Kit

    Reason To Select?

    71 auto cook menu options.

    Child lock make it secure for child.

    Auto Defrost.

    Smart clean using steam feature.

    Top Pick
    best microwave oven in India - LG

    LG 32 L Convection Microwave Oven With Starter Kit

    Reason To Select?

    Brand provides starter kit with this product.

    'Pasteurize Milk' feature.

    360˚ Rotation. Even Cooking.

    Stainless Steel Cavity for uniform heating.

    Which is the best Convection Microwave Oven in India?

    Quick Recommendation

    Each brand that we added has best in every prospective. If you are in hurry and want a special oven then surely check LG 32 Liter Convection Microwave Oven is our first recommendation to our readers. There is also an additional pick and 2022 best seller is just below. If you wish to go for it then surely check.

    2022 Best Seller

    IFB 20L best convection microwave oven

    IFB 20 L Convection Microwave Oven Metallic Silver with Starter Kit

    This IFB 2oL Convection Microwave Oven is the best selling product in 2022. Based on our research we found IFB 20 liter has highest number of positive review in compare of other brand. 

    To know more about this product click here

    7 Best Microwave Oven In Detail Review

    1. Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave Oven With Magnolia Pattern, Slim

    best microwave oven in India samsung

    Our Rating: 9.9/10

    Key Features

    • The 20 litres capacity provide you ample space for delicious dishes.
    • 2 year comprehensive warranty on product.
    • 5 power level controls.
    • Knob rotational dial is very handy for heavy duty usage.
    • Mirror finish door showcase an amazing reflective finish.
    • you can get defrost function in this price range.
    • 800 watt power is well enough.
    • The material used to design is stainless steel.

    Get to know more about Samsung Microwave Oven

    As we seen Samsung made a remarkable changes in their products in a past few years. Whether it is mobile phones, washing machine or the trending item like microwave oven that we're reviewing today. We added this 28L ultra big size oven in our top pick. First of all reason to pick this item is suitable for medium and large family.

    Their hot air blast technology is the newly added function that reduce cooking time significantly. As the powerful hot air directly blown through multiple holes. So, the food cook evenly by maintaining the crispiness and juicy from inside.

    With its 6 power level. A range between 60 to 200 degree Celsius. you can easily backing, grilling, reheating and defrosting the food. This 28l model upgraded with 101 preset Indian menu. One click is more sufficient to active this ultimate feature and get ready your favorite delicacies with super ease.

    The touch pad has the unique feature like child lock is safe when you are away from microwave. Moreover the wide grills allowed you uniform cooking and the eco mode helps you save electricity. This durable microwave oven is crafted using ceramic enamel cavity that can play an imperative role in cleaning process.

    The product has maximum 1 year warranty. Special setting like deodorization would enable hygiene by removing unwanted smell. so, the ceramic enamel cavity space looks fresh for next use. If you are workaholic guy and looking for low fat food. it has one special feature for you is steam cooking that can ready your food in matter of minutes.


    • Eco mode reduce energy consumption.
    • Ceramic Enamel is easy to clean.
    • ‎2100 Watts power work like a charm.
    • no oil just healthy foods you get it.


    • it feels heavier.

    Fan Said: "Very nice product. easy to use and awesome floral design.. It's value for money what we paid for. it also contain many accessories like high and low rack, glass bowl, crust plate, roasting split and skewer. Must buy anyone who want a stylish yet good convection microwave."

    2. LG 32 L Convection Microwave Oven With Starter Kit

    best microwave oven in India - LG

    Our Rating: 9.8/10

    Key Features

    • It is suitable for any type of family small, medium and large.
    • It has maximum 1 year warranty on product and 4 years on Magnetron.
    • 301 auto cook menu options.
    • Some of the special feature like Light Disinfect, Jog Dial, Multi Cook Tawa and Next Step Guide.
    • The Diet fry feature lets help you to eat crispy delights with small touch of oil. 
    • Now it is possible for you to make 12 different varieties of exotic Indian Rotis.
    • Auto cook menu facilitate you just select the  dish and press ‘Start’. 
    • Motorised Rotisserie gives you tasty bar-be-que recipes with 360˚ Rotation.

    Get To Know More About LG Microwave Oven

    One of the best 32 liter Microwave oven that LG has ever manufactured and become the top seller in this industry. There are 3 main reason of being popular this LG product that we're discussing today. First is design - If you are someone who's not only prefer functionality but also taken care of aesthetic look. This LG is the perfect option for your home. Their attractive unique floral design make sure to add the special touch in your kitchen interior.

    Secondly, Their 2100 Watts powerhouse clearly mean you won't need to wait for ages to cook your food. The most amazing aspect you will surely love about LG microwave oven is that has fast quartz heater. These allowed you to cook and pre heat food more faster than before.

    The last but not least we may like to familiar you with its Diet fry technology - It is possible to maintain your weight even you eat samosa and fired food. Yes, by using this Diet fry technique you can prepare your any favorite, crispy and delight dish with no oil involvement. Like the way you can protect you health & eat the beloved food recipe at the same time.


    • 32 l capacity is very much suitable for large family.
    • Come up with starter kit.
    • Easy to use zoom button with auto preset option.
    • 2100 watt powerful motor means fast cooking.


    • No touch pad . work on tactile button.

    Fan Said: "Good packing and delivered on time. I Brought this LG Oven 1st time. I am very happy with it and also recommend to other. The Milk pasteurized function work so well and rest too. Thanks a lot to LG & Amazon for the awesome deal and great experience"

    3. Godrej 19 L Convection Microwave Oven (GMX 519 CP1, White Rose)

    best mirowave oven in india harier

    Our Rating: 9.5/10

    Key Features

    • 19L capacity well suited for medium size family.
    • It has come up with 1 year warranty on product & 3 years on magnetron.
    • Tactile buttons and Jog Dials for easy to use with long lasting.
    • It has child lock which ensure full safety for the family having small children.
    • It has pre-installed 125 insta-cook menu options.
    • Stainless steel body feel stronger, rust free and long lasting.
    • Floral paint art give a premium look and add the beauty in kitchen.
    • Past 68 year their brad is in existence and maintain the reliability in India.

    Get To Know More About Godrej 19L microwave oven

    This Godrej 19l is the budget friendly microwave oven. Anyone who is tight in budget would surely go for this Godrej 19l . This item is available under Rs9,000 which is laterally half of Samsung and LG that we discussed earlier. Remember the price is fluctuate as per the deal and offer available on different website. We told you only round figure price. So, you get an idea before making purchase. Now it's time to understand the special aspects about this "best microwave oven".

    This is our 3rd choice. It means that Godrej 19l has something unique that other brand missed. The first and the best reason of reviewing Godrej microwave oven on 3rd number is affordable rates suited on anyone pocket. second is their build quality which is awesome and long lasting. One of my friend using the same model past 1 year and he is happy with it . The reason of getting satisfactory is no fault occur during the time of purchase.

    The material used is stainless steel which my help you keeping the cavity rust-free & also increase the life of cavity. By looking the Indian naughty child they inherit child lock. So, the setting would not dismissed while the child came around.

    You're astonished to know Godrej has manufactured the first refrigerator in India in 1958. After that they continuously focus on other kitchen appliances and hold the best selling place in India. Based on historical data, Godrej has their brand position in market. So, the chance is almost rare that received a faulty product.

    They have a very suitable design with defined features. Look the view just at below.

    godrej best microwave oven


    • 125 Instacook Recipes activate in one click.
    • Child lock button.
    • Stainless steel cavity.
    • Absolutely perfect deal in less price.


    • Capacity is less but good for medium and small family.

    Fan Said: "I bought this particular Microwave oven on Diwali and its really incredible. Works brilliantly, The look is fabulous. I'd many research before let them go with Godrej. At this price, we are getting very effective deal on convection microwave oven from one of the most reputed & purely Indian brand. It's really great"

    4. IFB 23 L Convection Microwave Oven With Starter Kit

    best ifb microwave oven

    Our Rating: 9.7/10

    Key Features

    • Express Cooking is the fast forward option.
    • Overheat feature maintain the temperature and turn when reach too high.
    • You can cook even better by using timer option.
    • Explore new flavors and cuisines with 71 per installed menus.
    • Smart steam clean done hygiene process in matter of minutes.
    • Sensitive touch panel is easy to handle and pursued the modern look. 
    • 23 liter is well suitable for Indian family.
    • IFB is the Indian brand famous for reliability and trust. 

    Get To Know More About IFB Microwave Oven

    This is best selling microwave oven from the home of IFB. If you want a mid range product which is not too small or big. IFB Presented a perfect option for you. This product has very good star rating with hand written review on amazon.

    A sophisticated look stand them clear in the crowd of microwave oven. As you know IFB has very famous name in the list of appliances. Thereby the trust factor would increase in compare of newly launched brand. Well, get the instant overlook and technical specification of this IFB item.

    As you already read in Bold letter the oven has 23 liter capacity, which is real enough for any Indian family. This convection microwave oven you can used for any kind of work like baking along with grilling, reheating, defrosting and cooking. It has protected with 1 year warranty on full product and 3 year on magnetron & cavity. The best part is that you receive starter kit in this price range.

    Another major factor that you get a touch control panel. which is sensitive to touch and easy to clean. Special feature being added like 71 auto cook menu options, steam clean. The child lock may ensure everything is safe once activated.

    The overheat protection system is provide additional protection. This might be Auto switches OFF when the microwave’s the temperatures get too high. It's not end here, they also include express heat feature, which is fast forward option that would help in fast cooking. Let's enjoy the taste with this "best microwave oven". A very handy product available with cool feature in very friendly price.


    • Floral design show uniqueness.
    • Trusted brand past so many years.
    • Size looks classic and well fitted in any kitchen.
    • Steam clean is rear option that offered in IFB.


    • The keypad is not highly sensitive. It need to press the button. 

    Fan Said: "Works absolutely fine. First I was worried about the size of oven. But it is sufficient for medium range household. We cooked chocolate cake and Pizza on the very first delivery of the arrival. Great performance in reasonable pricing. Looks nice with floral design. 71 different varieties of dishes can be cooked in it directly."

    5. Morphy Richards 20 L Solo Microwave Oven (20 MS, Black)

    best convection microwave oven morphy

    Our Rating: 9.5/10

    Key Features

    • The 20 litres capacity provide you ample space for delicious dishes.
    • 2 year comprehensive warranty on product.
    • 5 power level controls.
    • Knob rotational dial is very handy for heavy duty usage.
    • Mirror finish door showcase an amazing reflective finish.
    • you can get defrost function in this price range.
    • 800 watt power is well enough.
    • The material used to design is stainless steel.

    Get to know more about Morphy Microwave Oven

    I think you did not listen the name Morphy brand ever before but it does exist in the Indian marketplace. Their microwave is oven famous for nominal price. yes, it's absolutely less than what you expected. The price is very much less in compare of other brand that we discussed above. Well, you are shocked to know that product is sold at high level. Indian people would love to go with it and also share their positive review. However need to know some special fact about this best rated product Morphy.

    As the price is minimum. The feature is also limited. you can only used it for reheating, defrosting and cooking. Other feature like child lock, fan and multi stage cooking system isn't inherit. It has simple jog dial to adjust the temperature and set the timer. Moreover you can decide 5 different power level for cooking as per your requirement. It has 20 liter capacity with 2 year comprehensive product warranty.

    The mirror finish door bring the style and beauty in your kitchen. We only prefer this equipment if you have really low budget. Otherwise you can go for our first 4 choice. These are fit for you. I am pretty sure one of the size might be touch your heart. when you ask to us, which one i choose than i surely go for IFB 23 liter for medium size family and LG 32L for large size family.


    • Low power consumption.
    • 2 year warranty is good for any buyer.
    • 20L space allowed.
    • Very pocket friendly price decided.


    • No digital display and grill system.

    Fan Said: "Acceptable quality and cute look. Best suited for re-heating and Idli making. Using since from 3 years not even one time in repair. Very simple to use. Recommend for others go for it:-)"

    6. Panasonic 20L Grill Microwave Oven With 38 Cook Menus

    Top 10 best microwave oven in India - No. 7 is panasonic

    Our Rating: 9.3/10

    Key Features

    • Panasonic is the Japanese company and warehouse in India.
    • It has accomplished with 5 power level and 3 grill level.
    • One touch access is enough to complete cooking recipe.
    • Slimmer and light weight oven occupy less space.
    • This is the modern & latest version microwave oven.
    • Cooking space is large enough to cater the entire family.
    • Everything is automated. Auto re-heat, auto cook, auto defrost.
    • 1000 watt high power optimize the speed.

    Get To Know More About Panasonic MWO

    Most of people like very simple and sophisticated product . Here's the same Panasonic Convection Microwave oven a best suited option for you. This product has 20L capacity with 1000W grill power and 800W microwave power.

    Panasonic is the brand rooted in Japanese culture, which may ensures excellent craftsmanship. It's unique Japanese technology enables healthy cooking without compromise in taste, texture or nutrient. you can do all the work with this Panasonic brand what you look into expensive microwave oven.

    Their re-heat process is super advanced, which has auto programmed time and modes. They can give you a flexibility to reheat meals in just few second.

    Hassle-Free Defrosting with no waiting!! Defrost meat, soups, fruits, fish, bread, and vegetables in one click. You can also take the advantage of variety of menus. So, the preparation of chef like cuisines undergo instantly. Overall, a lightweight oven could occupy lesser space on your countertop.

    As per our point of view. you would receive all the premium feature in very budget friendly price. It might be happen, you are Panasonic product lover. It's the perfect suggestion that you can go for it without any more further research.

    Let's check the price. I am pretty sure, you are shocked when you would compare to other brand with same functionality.


    • Parts is imported from japan
    • Maximum Interior, Minimum Footprint
    • Long lasting product made of steel.
    • One year warranty of Panasonic India head office.


    • Lacks an LED display.

    Fan Said: "Very consistent product dependable high quality & economical price."

    7. IFB 20 L Convection Microwave Oven in Silver Color

    IFB best seller in India

    Our Rating: 9.2/10

    Key Features

    • Easy to read digital display.
    • auto reheat your food with pre-programmed time and temeprateure level.
    • Child lock prevent from unusual accident.
    • Grill mode is the additional feature for delicious meals.
    • It provide you multi stage cooking.
    • 800 wattage power accommodated.
    • you also receive starter kit with this product.
    • 1 year complete warranty + 3 year on magnetron & cavity

    Get to know more IFB 20L Convection Microwave oven

    In 2022, IFB 20 liter has been standing at dominants position in the market. The remarkable changes in interior and exterior look make them a perfect appliance. Their sliver color is also a thumb of attraction, which may scatter the classic & dashing look all around the kitchen. An exact idea shall be gotten by talking to IFB official department. They make sure the 10,000+ unit being sold up to now and the number has been continuously updated. 

    Now it's time get familiar with its demanding feature and also let's figure out why people mostly like it?

    The first base reason is effective cost and the second is excellence in build quality. They include all the eternal feature what you receive in high range microwave oven. just only the size difference matter. We found the 20L size is well fitted for bachelors and medium class family. As you know mostly people living in high society having 3 to 4 member in a family. Thereby they exactly prefer a product that hold lesser space and also fulfill the requirement.

    If we're talking about the attribute of this best selling product. you would receive all the known function that we earlier discuss in IFB 23 liter Convectional Microwave Oven. feature like baking along with grilling, reheating, defrosting and cooking.


    • 3 years on magnetron & cavity.
    • sensitive touch control panel
    • Child lock ensure safety for small children.
    • 24 standard menus works on auto cook.


    • No fault take into consideration.

    Fan Said: "This is an amazing product. You wont find a convection oven in this price range. It bakes,Microwaves & Grills. The digital panel is very user friendly to operate."

    Conclusion {Our Opinion}

    This is the overall result of best 7 microwave oven in India. Out of 7 we choose 2 best for you. One is for those people 2-3 family member and another is having 5-7 family member. Both of the microwave feature has same. There is only difference of size and price. without falling in the trap of tension, choose one as per the category you comes under.

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