Top 7 Best Nutri Blender | Bullet Blender | Smoothie Blender Maker In India 2022


Nutri Blenders have proven themselves a staple kitchen appliance for decades. It constantly topping into the wish lists of housewarming parties, weddings and graduation gifts. If you are a smoothie lover and want to transform delicious fruits and kale into a quick smoothie, This classic appliance is the best option for you.

You can even use these smoothie blenders for the quick preparation of hot soup or mix dry ingredients for nut butter. Blenders are not expensive items. The fact is only you will see the right model as per your requirement. Our team research some Nutri blenders that offer all the features at a very affordable price.

Not only features but also provide a superior build quality and performance. Figuring out the best bullet blenders for your need, It requires understanding where it is to pay off. Thereby, we just want to make your task easy by doing the research and sharing our practical experience with these nuts-blenders.

These days a Nutri blender is situated into a best-selling mixer grinder. We say thank you to the powerful motor. It has also a beautiful look and other exciting features like an unbreakable jar and outstanding performance. The best Nutri Nutri blender is a complete system in itself but you can start with 2 jars. In addition, you can add a large mixing jar, food processor attachment, chopper. finally the best item for luscious smoothies, chopped veggies, finely ground masalas, and much more.

We added 7 popular models of smoothie blenders which makes multiple kitchen tasks a breeze. We take care of all the important qualities that have been a blender, By checking its ability to make a frozen drink(a powerful motor is a must!). So, it can quickly pulverize peanuts into peanuts butter. Are you ready to blend? keep reading this article

You may also read our CONCLUSION part at the end, it will definitely help you to choose the best of the best !!

nutri blender cover photo

Our Top 3 Best Picks

nutri bullet

Nutribullet PRO High Speed Blender 900 Watt

Reason To Select?

Powerful 900W motor.

Vibration-free technology.

Lightweight Design.

Provides recipes booklet.

Agaro nutri blender

AGARO Nutri Blender With Motor, 2 Speed Modes And Tritan Jar, 1000W, 2 Jar (Black)

Reason To Select?

Auto cut off.

Interlock function.

Two-speed modes.

1-year warranty.

wonderchef nutri blender

Wonderchef Nutri-Blend – Online Recipe Book By Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

Reason To Select?

Detachable parts for making it easy to wash.

It comes up with 2 years of warranty.

very lightweight, i.e., 1.5 Kg.

speed of 20,000 rotations per minute.

Which Are The Best Nutri Blenders In India?

The blender is divided into various categories. If we calculate in the right term then we found almost 25 types of blenders. These can be determined in terms of portability, size function, and overall performance. Among these the most popular are Nutri blender, Frozen Drink Blender, and Smoothie Blender. All of them are the same just spoken by different names.

Now you can be familiar with supreme quality blenders that we added just below. If you want to know more about them a detailed review is added just after some described lines.

S.NOBest Nutri Blender ProductsCheck Price
1.Nutribullet PRO High Speed Blender 900 WattCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
2.AGARO Nutri Blender 1000 Watt CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
3.Wonderchef Nutri-Blend  By Chef Sanjeev Kapoor CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
4.Balzano High Speed Nutri Blender – 500 Watt  CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
5.Nutri Ninja Slim 700 Watts Blender  CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
6.La’ Forte Lavite Cherie Blender 400 Watt CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
7.KENT Nutri Blender, 300W, 1 Jar (Red) CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

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Best about automatic Nutri Blender Online

If you are ready to buy the best Nutri blender then it will be a smart and clear investment. So, why not a large type vita mix machine. I know every person wants to buy a good Nutri blender from their hard-earned money. Well, the question arose, These superfood nutrition extractors might be worth it in this price range or not.

It’s a tragedy that many people would not be aware of the Nutri blender system. Many times the term “superfood nutrition extractors” is unknown for buyers. So, it is a simple term acquired by the brands to attract the attention of consumers. The brand manufacturer also shows the powerful food-liquefying and food-pulverizing features of the best Nutri blenders.

Though, we decide to make it clear by discussing in detail and also understanding Nutri blender benefits and characteristics.

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Better Nutri bullet and blender advantages

1. Nutri Blenders are affordable deals

Yes, Nutri blender is truly affordable because it also provides the great advantages of blenders. However, it is very much reliable in terms of a traditional mixer grinder. Although, it’s affordable and same side provide you the benefits of healthy smoothies and juice.

2. Nutri Blender’s attachments are dishwasher safe

Nutri Blender parts are laterally easy to clean under the dishwasher. Yes, they are fully safe. So, you can too wash the lids and cups on the top shelf of the dishwasher. There are some parts that avoid using the dishwasher such as the blender and blades. However, you can easily clean them by using a damp cloth. Remember, you may strictly be careful while cleaning the sharp blades.

3. Offline availability of Nutri blender parts

It’s a rare case when Nutri blender damage may take place accidentally. Well, do not take the tension. Almost every part of the Nutri or bullet blender is available in the Indian marketplace. you can search them wherever you would like online or offline. Indeed, you’re looking for a vita-mix or mixer machine then it will be a better option for you. Eventually, it can extract all essential nutrients from your food and make it a superfood.

4. It is really breakdown the ingredients and retains the nutrients

These Nutri blenders are engineered to break down the toughest and smallest ingredients that would easily convert into the creamiest smoothies. It also helps to separate the body’s essential nutrients that actually laid into the wall cell of veggies, seeds, fruits, and nuts. Like that, you can intake all the minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids.

5. Space required for Nutri blender

The most exciting part about the Nutri blender is that They work in an efficient way same as the traditional mixers and also take the lesser space as compared to the mixie.

Best Nutri Or Smoothie Blenders Reviews & Features

Now it’s time to read each Nutri blender in detail and find one best for you. All of the brands we listed on our website have great features. Thus, our visitors get specific ideas. We suggest that you must check each of them at the given link and compare prices. There are many things that matter while doing the purchase. In formal, we know one Nutri blender would fit as per your requirements. Let move forward and check the product details.

1. Nutribullet PRO High Speed Blender 900 Watt

nutri bullet


  • It has high torque and powerful motor 900 watt 
  • 1 tall cup of 709 ml and 532 ml with emulsifying blade
  • A very handy household appliance that can easily pulverizes vegetable, seeds, toughest fruits and superfoods for nut butter and notorious portion. 
  • Their unique bullet shape cup magnify their beauty and effectiveness
  • its compact design hold a less space as compared to the bulky one food processor.
  • It comes up with 2 year warranty.
  • Easy to operate and clean after use
  • Operating Voltage: 220 – 240 volts

This is our first and Best ever choice in Nutri Blender that we featured above in our top 3 list. Nutribullet Pro has a very powerful motor of 900 watts with advanced extraction blades. It’s designed on high-speed methodology. Due to the boosted speed, their steel blades break down, pulverize and emulsify any types of fruits and vegetables in a couple of seconds. A fasten process help in preparing silky-smooth nutrient and extracting beverages that will fully nourish your immune system inside out.

Our review team conclusion suggests This Nutri blender is a great home appliance for those people who are active in their lifestyle and super active about their health consciousness. As we check the power of Nutri bullet pro & rectify this is the best available option in India for an ultra nutritious smoothie at a go. In looking wise, it has compact in size that can easily assemble on any countertop. After the use of its cups, blades, and accessories you can quick rinse under the tap or in the dishwasher without any hurdle.

Indeed, Our review team identification says the Nutribullet Pro Blenders are easy to use and clean like a dream. A detailed image is added below for your easy understanding.


  • They Provide large cooling fan.
  • it takes minimum 50-60 sec to blend even hard ingredients.
  • Compact, portable, and lightweight design.
  • Offer recipes guide with various delicious smoothie recipes.


  • A little bit expensive (but is worth the money you paid).

Our Recommendation: This is our 1 choice out of 3  and we added as the best seller as per our practical usage and customer reviews.  

2. AGARO Nutri Blender With Motor, 2 Speed Modes And Tritan Jar, 1000W, 2 Jar (Black

best agaro nutri blender

Agaro Nutri Blender is One stop solution to all your blending needs. Their 1000 watt powerful motor comes up with specially designed extractor blades that can easily crush ice and blend vegetables, fruits and seeds. once done remove the jar , flip top cover and sip you shake on a go.

This Agaro Smoothie blender includes 2 jars. The small one is used for coffee beans, dry masalas and grind nuts. One more best feature is pulse function is a very useful time saver when you go through the quick process of shred, dice, mince and cut large chunk of vegetables and fruits. just press pulse button to start for about 3 second and then stop. 

Speed mode is the handy option to manage speed at instance. we advise select low speed for mixing liquid and viscous solids. Adjusting the speed also help in mixing juices, making sauces, soups and puree. As simple as you can increase the speed in one click for combining hard ingredient like seed.

Their jar lock function is the stable option. The blender machine would not start until the jar is fixed properly. Allover, it’s a fully featured packed nutri blender as per the modern world demand. 


  • 100% copper 1007 watts powerful motor
  • It has 9 speed modes with pluse function
  • Their grinding has high quality stainless steel blades. 6 wing blades and 2 flat blades 
  • Flip top lid and enjoy drink on the go
  • They attached 1.5m long power cord
  • Best part it’s 8 year warranty
  • Wave action system


  • Powerful motor for any type of blend.
  • Speed modes low to high.
  • Jar Lock Function.
  • Handy Pulse Function.


  • A bit expensive product.

Our Recommendation: This is the best ever blender machine that we found very powerful and feature-loaded. If you are a kitchen master and want your task done in one blink then Agaro Nutri blender is the best available option for you.

3. Wonderchef Nutri-Blend – Online Recipe Book By Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

wonderchef nutri blender

Wonderchef Nutri-Blend high end connection of super fast motor and sharpest stainless steel blades easily break down the food and extract all nutrients in couple of second. When you drink these juices, it will help your body to absorbed nutrients from vegetables and fruits in a much better way. 

The designer of the beautiful blender is chef Sanjeev Kapoor and nutritionist Swati Thoda. Both of them make this blender capable for any type of grinding & juicing. you can even use it for harder ingredients like garam masala, jeera, etc. It’s not ended up but you can also make Indian rasoi tasty chanti within a second. 

This is the complete solution which truly replace the expensive Food processor. Easy to use, there is no multiple button and complication attached. Just you need their two jar and blades for the work done. 

There is no hassle of trying out the blend, you can use the same jar by putting it off side. As per the role of modernization, wonderchef make their product attractive and good looking.  So, it is to be perfect for modern kitchen.


  • It’s super stylish art work added the beauty in your kitchen
  • Super quality surgical stainless steel blades well performed for grinding & juicing
  • It’s long jar of 500ml comes with 4 wings and jar 300ml comes with 2 wings 
  • Two useful lids – for storing and sprinkling come with the product
  • Designed by chef Sanjeev Kapoor
  • It comes up with 2 year product warranty
  • Their service available in over 12,000 pin codes across India


  • Powerful motor Rotates at 22000 rpm
  • Premium class plastic used in jars
  • Attractive color option available
  • Offer 6pc glass set with recipe booklet. 


  • how fast. wait for few seconds when using the second time.

Our Recommendation: We include this smoothie blender in our list at the 3rd number. We talk to many buyers already using this appliance and 97% felt positive thought about them. Our review team also check their performance and passed it. you can check this out product Signed by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. 

4. Balzano High Speed Nutri Blender – 500 Watt – Silver, 2 Jar

Balzano nutri blender

Balzano is best selling brand in Indian  marketplace. A powerful 500 watt motor smoothie blender avail you in very discounted price. You’re excited to know that Blazano nutri blender is designed in Italy and manufactured in India. 

We get the exact idea while testing the system of Blazano high speed blender. it will design in such a way. So, It can effortlessly mix and grind toughest ingredients. At the time of reviewing we found that a 500 watt motor do all the task that we did from 1000w and 900w .It’s the only one reason we added this best smoothie blender on number 4. By using this 500w blender you can easily mix or grind any Indian kitchen item . 

This brand engineer improve overall performance by adding overload feature, which is active over the time blender is operating. we also examine their jar , BPA free tritan jar with tritan material. A study of Bolzano says jar material imported from USA.

Their Single knob operation is a perfect controller that can easy to role through out the grinder process. It’s not ended up here, They gone out of the box and added more best techniques like Double safety interlock system. This system make sure jar and lid perfectly on the place before blade or coupler will spin. 

Must check this best nutri blender feature, pros and cons , we added just after the product image. 


  •  This authentic and superior Blender 500W is designed in Italy and made in India.
  • Single knob operation for perfect control
  • Their jar material is imported from USA
  • Double safety interlock system makes it more safety proof
  • Stainless Steel Blades for finest result in less time
  • shatterproof tritan lids and locking tabs
  • 1 Year Warranty against physical damage


  • Their metallic body  is vibration-free while operating.
  • Silicon foot will stabilize the mixer blender while performing.
  • it has Large cooling fans keep it unoxidized.
  • Price is very reasonable in compare of others


  • The blades are heated when using for long time.

Our Recommendation: We listed Belzano on the 4th number. It doesn’t mean the product is less efficient. There is a gap of some small factor decides the rank. This Belzano Nutri blender is the finest option for under-budget people. Their build quality is engineered in Italy and manufactured in India. One more reason for buying it, parts are imported from the USA.

5. Nutri Ninja Slim 700 Watts Blender With Two Tritan Jars, Silver

Ninja nutri blender

Nutri Ninja 700 watt powerful motor blender hold 5 place in top 7 list. This Smoothie blender has almost same features as we discussed above in our 4 listed item Blenzo. The difference is only ninja brand offer you 700 watt motor with 2 same size jar of 470ml.

Without any tension you can use this optimum quality juicer or blender. Our special review team added this product after the successful performance result. We share with you some of best part of this nutri blender, Their blades formation is well fitted for ice crushing, breaking down hard ingredients, fruits and vegetables at instance.

This magnificent item is available in very reliable price. you can also check them with full of trust. well we added a beautiful image of product just below.

you can also check their features, pros and cons just after the image.


  • Nutri Ninja Cups is Durable, Scratch & Stain resistant
  • 700 Watts Compact + Powerful Motor engineered for Endless Results
  • Good for  nutrient & vitamin extraction
  • Two year warranty
  • Free 1 x 30 recipe book
  • Develop 20,000 RPM speed
  • Used premium plastic in jar


  • Price is under range
  • Large blades in V shape for finer grinding
  • Offer 2 year warranty
  • Easy to operate and clean after use


  • only one color option.

Our Recommendation: There is only one special reason for adding this Nutri Ninja Blender. It’s my mom’s choice and we’re using it past one year at the same level of performance as we purchased it in new condition.  

6. La’ Forte La Vite Cherie Mixer Grinder Blender 400 W, 3 Jar, Red

 forte nutri blender best brand

A very special deal offer Lavite Cherie Brand just under Rs 2,500. No one other gives that much priority in this range, They gives you 3 different size jar for blending and grinding as per requirement. 

When we talk about build quality. So, they are almost use good material with normal function. Their 400 watt motor is preferably efficient for juicing, blending and grinding. The difference is only their speed little slow in compare of 500 watt and 900 watt motors but it’s money saving item for those who has tight budget.

Body material they used is copper and jar size is   500 Ml, 500 Ml, 300 Ml. Moreover, it’s a classic option available in offer price. Best for bachelors and family and nutritious lover.

You can check this best nutri blender with full satisfactory because our review team could added this after practical experience. 

We recommend also check their discounted price direct on amazon. Link is available below the image.


  • 400 watt motor –  Made in India and BIS approved
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • special feature they try to optimize speed
  • Comes up with 3 jar and stainless steel blades
  • Recipe E- Book
  • Used Voltage: 220-230 V
  • Detachable Cross Blades- Ideal for blending


  • Their 400-watt powerful copper motor makes the grinding faster
  • 2 BPA-free jars and a mug jar
  • 2 stainless steel detachable blades.
  • Offer free recipe e-book


  • can not be used for very hard grinding.

Our Recommendation: This La Vite Smoothie Blender recently launched and all of the said covers the best selling products. We check their review, price, and specification. This is the ultimate blender designed at a very reasonable cost. you can check it out and let us know in a comment.

7. KENT 16042 Nutri Blender, 300W, 1 Jar (Red)

kent nutri blender

Kent is the brand name popular for water purifier but now a days they step their foot in nutri blender. They introduced simple and sleek design with a powerful motor of 300 watt. It comes with 1 jar and only in red color. Best part about this blender is very compact design. you can easily adjust it in small space and do you work.

As like other reviewed smoothie blender, Kent is also gives you all the fast forward facility of mixing, grinding and juicing. There is only one drawback , you can grind harder item in it but is best for juicing fruits and vegetables. 

Our review team make it suitable for nutritious lover, who wants shake at a go.

So you can check this best smoothie blender too. The link is available just below the image.


  • The high power of 22000 RPM
  • High-Quality Stainless-Steel Blades
  • it’s net weight is 1.12kg
  • Prepares Puree, Chutney, Shakes and Juices.
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty
  • Blade made from hifh carbon stainless steel for high durability 
  • Versatile design and easy to use.


  • A sleek and beautiful design would increase kitchen beauty
  • Best for shaker lovers
  • Hold a small space in kitchen
  • A reputed brand from kent


  • do not grind hard item like seeds and masala.

Our Recommendation: No one avoids when watching the kent product. Their sleek design is easy to carry while you are traveling, exercise and going to the gym.  

What features are necessary for the best Nutri Blender in India for smoothies?

Choosing the best Nutri Blender for smoothies won’t be a wrong investment, but also a great decision for kitchen upgrades. It is to be seen managing the food processor and mixer grinder is a tough task every time to use. However, the smoothie maker manufactured a handy and lightweight kitchen appliance. Here are some benefits of smoothie blender given below.

Smartest way to make smoothies

Everyone should want a smoothie maker that can churn out all the fruits and ingredients nutritions. So, you love the smoothie’s end result. A list of the top 10 smoothie blenders we have added above. They are perfectly fit for your home use. There is no need to pay lots of money, They are available at a very reasonable price. Moreover, they are the advance version of smoothie blender in India.

Buying & Review Guide Best Nutri Blender in India

best smoothie

Right at present time, the smoothie blender is the perfect solution for bachelors, students and gym enthusiasts. There are many couples who is looking the smart idea, where they can easily prepare a smoothie and shake without wasting more time. In order to a smoothie, you can also grind dry nuts and make chutney. In sidewise, the best Nutri blender has the power to replace the mixer grinder. Though, it allows you versatile use. As we already added some best smoothies or bullet blenders in this article. You’re happy to know all of them are available on the Indian trusted website amazon.

There are many options range available. One is a single jar smoothie blender that is best for students and bachelors. Another side, the large jar is well equipped for couples who drink large quantities of smoothies and shakes.

Best way of testing a Nutri Blender

In this controversy, we spend hours inside the kitchen to prepare smoothies. We try pineapple, spinach, and nuts. So, hardly check the excessive performance. In this period, we calculate the smoothness of each blender. We look some of them were trapped ingredients under the blades and also leak the blend ingredients from the base. Contemporary, we also test fine chop of ice and nuts. Though accuracy can be measured. As a result, we rate every model and pick the best for you.


The material of Nutri blender plays an important role. It may define the product life long. Based on the body structure, The blender engineered in India has good grade plastic, BPA free, tough body that may ensure the product has health benefits and as well as sturdy in long run. It is wonderful that the incorporated jar is made up of glass and food-grade poly-carbonate.

Motor Performance

Motor is the first part that may be taken care of when getting to purchase the Nutri blender. it is known, without motor the appliance would not function anymore. However, a good quality motor is a direct connection to performance. The wattage of motor describes how many revolutions it may produce. It is clearly said, you must buy 200w Nutri blender minimum. Their function has been working accurately and prominently. If the torque is higher the RPM is also higher. Thereby, the higher watt is directly proportional to the tourque.

Weight need to measure

A large number of smoothie blenders are available in the Indian market. It’s on you what you have to choose? The heavy bullet blender is hard to push and you’re irritated when doing kitchen work. However, it must be tried to purchase a lightweight smoothie blender. Along with checking the quality of the material. Though, never compromise in material quality. Some of the hand blender we added in our list is lightweight just under 1 kg. It will never feel the burden in your hand.

Design or Look

An anesthetic and attractive look always deserve nice compliments. The beauty has the power to move on your frequent fatigues. So, we always suggest an ergonomic design. Although, your hand must pick the smoothie blender with a smiley face. you also try to choose a slim design because it will save the kitchen space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Best Nutri Smoothie blender in India

Is detachable parts useful? 

Yes, These detachable parts would provide you a space. So, you can wash every nook and crevice without any complications.

Can you blend hot and cold ingredients with blender?

The answer will hurt you little. There are only selected brands allowed to blend hot and cold ingredients. Though you can find the correct specification product while making a purchase. Must check the feature has to include same possibilities that you looking for smoothie blender.

Why do Smoothie blenders have short circles?

A Smoothie blender is designed to deliver a quick result. The only reason they get heated up due to the short cycle. So, they may allow working 1 minute or 2 in a continuous cycle. More while, some of them run up to 20 minutes. So, you can finish you hard work at a go.

What is a splash guard?

The churning of ingredients all together product the maximum revolution and thus ingredients splash out and dirty your kitchen. Regarding the process, The splash guard is attached. So, it may prevent accidental damage.

How much wattage blender is good?

As far as when we are concerned about the wattage, we always keep in mind the machine performance. Thereby, must focus to buy at least 200 wattages. Even though, good watt smoothie blender goes up to 100 watts.

Conclusion {Our Opinion}

As per our expert recommendation, we choose AGARO Nutri Blender, it has a powerful 1007-watt motor with unique extraction blades and exclusive cyclonic action to break down, pulverize, and emulsify whole fruits and vegetables better than any standard blender or juicer, creating silky-smooth nutrient- extracted beverages that nourish your system from the inside out.

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