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    In a simple way, a stand mixer grinder is heavy duty & stationary mixer having powerful motor for all sort of mixing task. Although you can use it for mixing, whipping, mashing and churning. These are high ending task that could be possible by applying no human efforts. All can be done through machine, such as preparing a cookie doughs, Bread doughs, cake batter, whipping cream, eggwhites and mashed potatoes.

    This kitchen appliance is proficient, compatible, versatile and easy to use equipment. Comparatively, you can use it instead of handheld mixer. It is more accurate and powerful. just you need the quiet large counter space to perform the task. If you have limited counter space, there are various attachment may helpful, such as liquidizer, food processor and a mincer. Even though, the attachment is easy to store in cupboards once a while you finished the task.

    A Stand Mixer Grinder is an advance innovation that would enhance your baking skills. If you are new and thinking to purchase an mixing appliance then you need to take care these special parameters. First of all you have to select the type. There are two type available. one is Tilt-head and another is Bowl lift are commonly used.

    Regardless, many other factor such Size, Power, speed setting, accessories and price also a important aspects before making any purchase. Thus, we come up with a detailed review guide. In this guide, we share 7 best stand mixer grinder in India. These are chosen on the basis of performance, build quality and customer feedback. 

    Nonetheless, check our top 3 selection just below. This might help you to pick the best and also saving your time, when you don't have time to read full blog post.

    Our Top 3 Picks

    best stand mixer grinder in India - Inalsa

    Inalsa Stand Mixer 1000W

    Reason To Select?

    8 speed control.

    5 liter bowl and Tilt head.

    1000 watt powerful motor.

    2 year complete warranty.

    best stand mixer grinder in India - kenwood

    Kenwood 900-Watt Stand Mixer

    Reason To Select?

    Slow ,medium & high speed operation.

    Dishwasher safe parts.

    1 year warranty.

    900 watt powerful motor.

    best stand mixer grinder in India - wonderchef

    Wonderchef 300W Mixer

    Reason To Select?

    300 watt motor.

    very reasonable price.

    2 year full warranty.

    Stainless steel material used in bowl.

    Which is the best Stand Mixer Grinder in India?

    Quick Recommendation

    Each brand that we go through has something unique. If you want to take quick action and want all over best deal at affordable price. Surely go for Inalsa Stand Mixer 100% Pure Copper Motor is our recommendation with fully feature loaded product by Inalsa. If you have Low budget & want advance feature oven then visit - 2022 best seller is just below.

    2022 Best Seller

    2021 best seller mixer grinder

    Inalsa Stand Mixer With 8 Speed

    This Inalsa Stand Mixer Grinder is the best selling product in 2022. This product High performance and focus on build quality. The customer satisfaction is also high. To know more about the product interesting features click here

    7 Best Stand Mixer Grinder In Detail Review

    1. INALSA Heavy Duty 1200 Watt Professional Stand Mixer Grinder

    best mixer grinder in India - Inalsa

    Our Rating: 9.9/10

    Key Features

    • Meet the whipping, kneading or beating requirements.
    • Built in overload protection means automatically shut off.
    • Equipped with anti-slip suction feet.
    • 100% pure copper motor.
    • All metal gears are durable and long lasting.
    • 8 speed + pulse function.
    • variable speed from low to high.
    • 2 year maximum warranty from the date of purchase.

    Get to know more Inalsa Stand Mixer Grinder

    If you asked to well informed people about stand mixer grinder than he would suggest INALSA without any second thought.  This appliance has self advertisement through buying audience. In spite of fact that we should chosen it our first choice. However, we go through the product depth and collect underlying feature that may help you to understand the working principle of INALSA mixer grinder.

    A powerful 100% Copper 1200 W Motor has a multiple capabilities to serve your needs. A large 5.5 liter stainless steel bowl is large enough for any any requirement. With it's 8 level speed and profound pulse function may ensure the work can done in few minutes.

    The planetary mixing motion execute for making consistent dough and batters. The special interaction of moving head and the rotating bowl is perfect. It might helpful to surpass planetary motion effect which cause to dough for Pizzas, rotis and breads.

    The appliance is come up with all the 3 essential tools or we called them attachment. Beater, Dough Hooks and Whisker. There are endless possibilities goes around when using these attachment wisely. Just plug-in and boom.

    Any of the appliance is incomplete without safety feature. So, they paramount itself  with Auto shut off, Dust Proof Splash Guard, Overheat management and safety lock protection. Along with you may bound with 2 year full proof card warranty. The warranty is start from the date of purchase. Relentlessly,  you can visit to nearest service center. Incase, any fault or technical issue. The best part is that INALSA service center easily available in all over India.


    • 5.5L SS Bowl.
    • Metal Gears for extra stability.
    • 1200 watt pure copper motor.
    • Design build for safety.


    • Vibration problem when overload.

    Fan Said: "Now I am retired & take rest from job. So, I thought of trying my Handful cooking activities by daily practicing the baking , cookies, chapatis of different pulses. With due respect, I am happy with my decision to buy Inalsa Stand Mixer Grinder. How it is easy to handle and clean. In my case there is no vibration issue."

    2. Dash Everyday Stand Mixer (Pink) - Best in Budget Price

    best stand mixer grinder in India - Dash brand

    Our Rating: 9.8/10

    Key Features

    • Dash is a U.S. based company.
    • All the non-electric parts would clean inside dishwasher.
    • No mess means no tension.
    • 250 watt motor with 6 speed level.
    • Include dough hooks, beaters and stainless steel mixing bowl.
    • 1 year warranty against any manufacturer defects. 
    • Noise level similar to hair dryer. It is 80-90 dB.
    • Food graded plastic material used to design.

    Get To Know More About Dash Stand Mixer Grinder 

    If you're looking something a very budget friendly item and almost in half price of other brand. you're on the right product. This is Dash one of the best selling stand mixer girder in Indian Market. People enormously show their intention of buying this product. The brand is readily improve build quality over the period of time. However, the overall performance has been increased. In recent year 2022, they almost sold out one thousand above stand mixer grinder and the number is insane. Nonetheless, a great product have 1544+ customer feedback and the number has been increasing in a continuous way. Their 4.3 out of 5 overall rating show the liability of appliance. Now before moving to the product page. just get to know about their interesting features and specification.

    Their versatile and compact design is perfect for meringue, frosting, doughs, creamy dressings, baked goods and much more. As the standing height is 125” tall. Thereby you can fit underneath kitchen cabinets. Thus it is well suited for small kitchen and limited counter top.

    This appliance is also come up with 6 different level speed, which can turn around low to high. Meanwhile, you can easily whip, beat or knead with uniform output. One you take care ejecting the beaters or dough hooks safely. So, the tilting head get separate with no mess.

    The package include 1 year warranty card, 3qt stainless steel mixing bowl, 2 mixer beaters, 2 dough hooks and recipe book. Kindly noted, all the non electric parts are dishwasher safe. Though, you can clean them without any hassle. When we look at their fully equipped box than we really amaze and recommend to our readers. you can check it through given link below. Remember, this is the cheapest, best and pocket friendly stand mixer grinder in all over market. 


    • 1.2 kg light weight.
    • Dishwasher safe parts.
    • Retro design with pink color.
    • Low price and high performance with excellent star rating.


    • Quite hot on regular work. 

    Fan Said: "Thanks for this adorable little mixer I've ever seen in my life. I absolutely loved their lightweight design. Contemporary, a perfect appliance for my tiny kitchen that entirely fits right next to my tiny coffee maker. Love the speeds and very easy to clean and use. "

    3. Wonderchef 300W Mixer, Beater And Dough Kneader, Red

    best stand mixer grinder in India - wonderchef

    Our Rating: 9.6/10

    Key Features

    • The customer care support is reliable.
    • A highly appreciable appliance to improve your cooking skill.
    • Do plenty of works by using attachments.
    • 300 Watt motor enough powerful kneading and mixing.
    • 5 multiple speed with turbo option is revolutionary.
    • Rotating stainless steel bowl.
    • It has 4.5 liter capacity.
    • The brand provide 2 year comprehensive warranty.

    Get To Know More About Wonderchef Stand Mixer Grinder

    People don't know the respective brand is also available in market place. Wonderchef would ready the superiors quality stand mixer grinder in cost effective price. Actually, they are trying to cover up the customer complication. Hence introduced the inexpensive product. Therefore, the people can buy alternative in suitable amount.  Let's us understand the controversial fact and clear the confusion, whether it's good for you or not.

    Now we're discussing all features one by one. The rotating bowl of 4.5 liter is made up of stainless steel, which is more sufficient to make dough for 4-5/400gms loaves. you can prepare in it a 12 dozen cookies or 14-15 beaten egg whites. It's moving head with cutting edge technology can make consistent dough for Pizzas, bread and rotis.

    It has multi-speed along with turbo speed function. There are 5 speed button. you can use them wisely as per the requirement. It can accomplish any task whether you're stirring dry and wet ingredients together. Allover a good deal in affordable price.

    It's not completed here. Even though, you will get the 3 attachment in same price. They're named as beaters, dough hooks and a spatula. I like very much the work of spatula because it may help to reduce dough entity to stick on the side or corner. 

    Anything doesn't complete without the power hub. So, the wonderchef versatile and time saving appliance powered with 300 watt motor. Thereby a tremendous power would generate to perform any heavy task. Just you need to select the speed button and the next of all left on the machine.

    A great chance for modern housewife's and adults to improve their cooking skill as well. Now a days a technology makes possible to eat  mouth-watering food with in few hours.


    • 5 speed with turbo option.
    • 300 watt powerful motor.
    • Reliable wonderchef service.
    • 1 year complete warranty.


    • Manufacturer used plastic mostly, it's not good in my opinion.

    Fan Said: "I thought that the mixer is made up of metal but it's plastic. It's absolutely a perfect hand for my kitchen , plus their light weight is easy to carry. I love it!"

    4. Inalsa Stand Mixer 1000W 100% Pure Copper Motor with 8 speed

    best stand mixer grinder in India - Inalsa

    Our Rating: 9.5/10

    Key Features

    • Create endless possibilities with given attachment.
    • Best suited for everyday need.
    • LED Indicator makes it stand out.
    • Overheat Safety Protection
    • Safety Lock Protection and dust proof splash guard.
    • 100% copper motor - 1000 watt.
    • 8 speed modes turn out the perfect dishes.
    • 2 year warranty against any defects.

    Get To Know More About Inalsa 1000 watt Stand Mixer Grinder

    This is one more repeated product from Inalsa. At that time the size is small and however the price is low. In our case study we found the only one brand is perform out of the box. Inalsa brand is really working hard and make all the improvement. So, the market value would retain for long time. Thus we added the smaller version on Inalsa. There is same larger version available here

    As the size is small. The motor power comparatively shifted high inside it. In spite of fact that the motor speed is high to accomplish Indian household task. It is much better than other brand, when we compare the power and speed. Take a look to their features, build quality and overall performance. 

    The size is compact  and thereby, take almost no space. You can easily fit anywhere to enhance the look of your kitchen countertop. Their versatile nature could do anything and improve your cooking skill with no time. The price is affordable and the best part is we recommend this size for a family having 3-5 member. 

    The ergonomically designed stand mixer has ultra light weight. Their down head design allow you to watch the operation and add ingredients for a recipe. During the whole process, 1000 watt motor speed up the work flow and attain the texture as you want.

    The brand has integrated 8 speed modes. There is a knob to control speed 1 to 8. However, you can simply adjust the speed by rotating the knob in back forth direction. Indeed the appliance merge themselves into everyday occasion. Their 5 liter stainless steel bowl is well suited for every occasion.

    A multi-purpose appliance commit to help you on every occasion. Whether you're planning to host the dinner party  or new year celebration. This kitchen appliance can do everything for you.


    • Tilt head mixing fast.
    • 5 L Bowl and 8 speed modes.
    • Already purchased by one thousand buyers.
    • 2 year complete warranty.


    • Everything is good. no cons.

    Fan Said: "Its a lovely champagne gold color. Price is acceptable. It has also help to prepare many other delicious foods possible in less time. Thanks to this  small equipment is able to finish things faster! Highly recommended, value for money Inalsa Stand Mixer."

    5. Kenwood 900-Watt Stand Mixer (Silver)

    best stand mixer grinder in India - kenwood

    Our Rating: 9.3/10

    Key Features

    • 4.5 kg weight with dishwasher safe parts.
    • Body material is plastic and bowl material is stainless steel.
    • Three speed control. Slow, medium, fast.
    • 90 watt powerful motor fixed. 
    • 1 year valid warranty by Kenwood.
    • Great customer feedback.
    • The product is available on trusted website.
    • Thousands of people using in their home.

    Get to know more about Kenwood stand mixer grinder

    Kenwood designed the advance appliance for mixing and grinding. We make it our 5th choice in top 7 list. The reason of pick this item is positive customer feedback. This product has 783+ response and the best part 90% were happy with their purchase. On behalf of their popularity, we think to check their eligibility by comparing it to other brand. Contemporary we do the research on internet and found eternal aspects about the product.

    As per our thinking and detailed analysis the price of kenwood is consecutively high but matter of fact people likely show their intension. Now take a closer look and try to understand their specification and features.

    The product is painted with silver color and used premium plastic. So, the stability maintain by considering safety measures. However, the plastic is insulator and work as shock proof material. Most of brand mistake that they are using stainless steel for body manufacture. 

    It has 31.3 x 24.3 x 29.2 Centimeters dimension. Thereby compact yet powerful product. It's 900 watt motor is engineered on smart technique. So, the performance is high in a less electricity consumption. There are three speed modes. These are slow, medium and high. 

    The manufacturer try to put everything without any complexity. Though the simplicity makes it more superior than other. Indeed, you can add it into your Wishlist. So,  it is easy to take decision before making the purchase. We also added the the pros and cons of the Kenwood stand mixer grinder. Thereby, you get exact idea once you read the article.


    • 1 year full warranty.
    • Tough Stainless steel used in bowl. 
    • Silver is the classic color.
    • Overall rating is excellent.


    • Does not provide detailed description on product main page.

    Fan Said: "I bought this mixer for bread making process during this lockdown period  - It's works really well to obtain flour and the resulting bread Is lovely and delicious. The machine is quite sturdy and efficient well. Easy to use with negligible effort. I am very satisfied"

    6. Black+Decker Hand Mixer 300 watt m 700,White

    Best stand mixer grinder in India - Decker

    Our Rating: 7.1/10

    Key Features

    • 3.5 L Geared Rotating Bowl.
    • Compact Design for Easy Storage.
    • Stainless Steel Beater and Dough Hooks.
    • Quick Beater Lock & Beater Eject Button.
    • 300W Motor fitted inside.
    • 5 speed with Turbo Function.
    • 3.5 Liters geared rotating bowl
    • 2 year brand warranty.

    Get to know more Decker Stand Mixer Grinder

    This is the extreme product we found in our research. It's the standard mixer for everyone having very less pocket budget. You're excited to know that the Decker stand mixer is only available under Rs 3,500. Remember the price fluctuation occur time to time. So, it better you check the updated price on product page.

    As you look image the item has small in size and only 3.5 Liters geared rotating bowl. The plastic material used to manufacture bowl as well. In addition, you will get three stainless steel Beater and Dough Hooks. With its 300 watt motor you can complete almost task. Now a days, official person and bachelors using it for whipping, kneading or beating requirements.

    5 speed turbo function when you're preparing the favorite recipes. No need to worry about space. It's compact design can be fitted any corner of the kitchen. 

    Indeed, the finest deal in this price range. Likely suited for single person is living on the rent or hostle.


    • 2 year complete warranty.
    • Turbo speed function.
    • Quick beater lock.
    • 300 watt motor.


    • Plastic has chance to broken  after some use.

    Fan Said: "I am graduation student and living alone in hostel room. So, this working fine. The price very affordable and thus i can purchase it for me."

    7. MYSA 1000W Heavy Duty Stand Mixer with 4.5 Litres Stainless Steel Bowl

    best stand mixer grinder in India - nysa

    Our Rating: 9.2/10

    Key Features

    • Elegent mini design save the kitchen space.
    • Planetary mixing action.
    • Tilt head to perform easy operation.
    • Use LED light for Indicator.
    • ABS Plastic Housing.
    • 3 Mixing Attachments.
    • 1 year full warranty.
    • Used for multiple cooking purpose.

    Get to know more Nysa Stand mixer Grinder

    Nysa is our last and 7th best choice. This product is newly launched in India market. So, there is not exact data available but our prediction get some basic idea about the performance and reliability.  

    As we look the brand has everything included that we receive in high price range. It has 1000 watt motor with 8 speed option. To furnish the body, the brand is using high  quality ABS Housing Plastic. Although, the product feel very strong and durable.

    Attachment quality show much better. It has three high quality attachments. These are named as Wire Whisk, Dough Hook and Flat Beater. Along with the product provide 1 year comprehensive warranty.


    • 1 year complete product warranty.
    • Dough Hook, Wire Whisk and Beater.
    • 100 watt motor for heavy dury.
    • 8 speed control.


    • Less or no rating.

    Fan Said: "No data available about the fan "

    Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

    1.Buying a Stand Mixer Grinder worth it?

    Yes, a Stand mixer grinder is laterally a great kitchen appliance and also worth it. This attractive and powerful kitchen appliance makes your cooking very easy and fast forward. However, it may save you time and energy. Though, you can spend more time with your friends and family. Their powerful motor is very much capable of beating eggs, mixing, kneading the dough, whipping cream, and churning different types of ingredients.

    2. How much wattage use stand Mixture?

    Remember, never buy a stand mixer grinder less than 400 watts. If it is less in power, you may not capable to mix anything properly. Based on our review guide, Pricier models have a powerful motor to provide excellent mixing and grinding results.

    3. Which recipes we can make with the help of a Stand mixer grinder?

    There are limited recipes you can prepare by using the stand mixer grinder. Generally, the appliance is use for whisking eggs, mixing batter, and kneading dough. You may get the attachments for the distinguish wok. However, you can use a stand mixer for other purposes as well.

    4. Is stand mixer grinder is dishwasher safe?

    There are such great attachments that come with a stand mixer such as coated flat beater, bowl and dough hook. These mentioned parts are dishwasher safe. We recommend cleaning these items only with hot water. Left of the parts you may use a wet cloth for cleaning purposes.

    5. Define the Benefits of Glass and steel bowls in Stand Mixer Grinder?

    it is well performed to attach the glass and steel bowl with a stand mixer grinder. Often the case, it will become cumbersome when carrying out the mixing and kneading. Suddenly, it may reduce the mess while accomplishing the task.
    The best part the bowl comes up with a marked attachment. So, you can pour the ingredients based on measurement. Moreover, the steel bowl plays a major role to maintain the temperature while beating eggs. Indeed, it is lightweight and easy to handle.

    6. What is the difference between food processor and stand mixer grinder in India?

    There is a slight difference between Food Processor and Stand Mixer Grinder in India. Generally, the food processor is used for finely chopping vegetables. Whereas, The stand mixer grinder is commonly used to prepare the thick batter and knead the dough.
    Moreover, the food processor determines more purpose such as making the smoothies and kneading the dough.

    Conclusion {Our Opinion}

    This is the Final result of best Best Stand Mixer Grinder In India. Here we recommend our best ever choice out of these 7.

    You can surely check Dash Everyday Stand Mixer 

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