Top 5 Best Sandwich Makers in India

  • best sandwich maker in India

    It is amazing to know that we are using number of machines in our daily life. These innovative machine is really changing the life style of human being. It significantly improve the work efficiency and reduce the human effort and time at any particular procedure.

    Kitchen appliances plays a very important role in our life. However, we can not imagine our home without these kitchen appliances. Out of these we're using sandwich maker is one of the most common appliance in present time.

    Sandwich has become a most popular dish amongst people. It was first introduced in India by British. The best part about the sandwich maker is that it takes very less time to prepare yummy crunchy veggie cheesy snacks. Easy to carry. Though, people usually carry sandwich maker in car while travelling. It is the best option anytime to make a light food in a matter of minutes.

    Let's dive in and take a closer look by knowing the fact about sandwich maker. A detailed blog post is written by Shweta. She is a chef and cooking expert. In this post we share with you the best sandwich maker in India. If you're busy person and don't have time to read 3,000 word blog post than we have a sudden solution for you. Our top 3 picks is just below that might help you to choose best.  

    Our Top 3 Picks

    Prestige sandwich maker

    Prestige 800 Watt Grill Sandwich Maker

    Reason To Select?

    Easily prepare delicious sandwiches.

    Convenient to store in vertical direction.

    Power on - off indicator.

    Sleek and convenient to use

    Best sandwich maker in India - Morphy richard

    Morphy Richards 2 Slice Sandwich Maker

    Reason To Select?

    2 year full warranty.

    non - stick cook plate.

    Comfortable front handle.

    Cool touch body is electric sock safe.

    best sandwich maker in India - Kent

    Kent 700 Watt Sandwich Maker

    Reason To Select?

    Grill height is adjustable.

    Automatic temperature cut-off.

    ergonomic handle.

    Make Sandwich with in Minutes.

    Which is the best Sandwich Maker in India?

    Quick Recommendation

    Each brand that we go through has something unique. If you want to take quick action and want all over best deal at affordable price. Surely go for Solimo Sandwich Maker is our recommendation with fully feature loaded product by Solimo. If you have Low budget & want advance feature oven then visit - 2022 best seller is just below.

    2022 Best Seller

    Morphy richard sandwich maker

    Morphy Richards 700-Watt 2 Slice Sandwich Maker

    This Morphy Richard Sandwich Maker is the best selling product in 2022. This product is super awesome, beautiful and focus on build quality. The customer satisfaction is high in compare of other brand.

    To know more about this product click here

    7 Best Sandwich maker In Detail Review

    1. Prestige 800 Watt Grill Sandwich Toaster with Fixed Grill Plates

    best sandwich maker in India - Prestige

    Our Rating: 9.9/10

    Key Features

    • Non-Stick heating plates.
    • Elegant black finish body. 
    • 850 watt power required to operate.
    • Ergonomic handle is heat resistant.
    • Indicator light respond for cooking activity.
    • Non-toxic provides healthy meal in few minutes
    • It comes with 1 year warranty.
    • Easily prepare grilled cheese and mouth-watering Reuben sandwich.

    Get to know more about Panasonic Sandwich maker

    Our first and best choice is coming from the brand Panasonic. We're looking the brand past 2 year and it's continuously resonates themselves in  a top selling list. A large number of people would like to go with Panasonic. Thereby it has good ratio of positive review and exciting feature that makes it more versatile in the market.

    The non-stick coating used in their plates is durable for long time. It also reduce the excess use of oil and butter which makes the sandwich more healthier to eat. The non-toxic coating cavity on both side is safe and hence it may ready the healthy meal in few minutes. No need to go anywhere . Just use your own fresh ingredients and make mouth-watering Reuben sandwich with Panasonic sandwich maker.

    The heat resistant Ergonomic Handle works in a very efficient manner. It may never let you down in burning hand situation. Meanwhile you can handle it without any kind of burning fear. 

    It has two indicator light. one is red used for power or heater and another is green used for cut off or ready the grill. These are the some basic and small technique which proves any appliance more proficient and safe to use.

    The power consumption is less. It can use low as 850 watt. So, you do not need to worry about soaring electricity bill at the end of the month. Their thermostatic control feature have the sensitive power against temperature control. It can automatically deduct and slow down the temperature when feels burning.


    • Offer 1 year comprehensive warranty.
    • Non-stick heating plates.
    • Less electricity consumption.
    • Toast food on small oil .


    • only horizontal straight lines. Missing the triangular design.

    Fan Said: "The product looks pretty with a matte finish design.  A great source of delicious Sandwiches so far. Very convenient to use without much frills to confuse you. There is only put the stuffed sandwich and close the lid. When the green light is turned off, you are done."

    2. Solimo Non-Stick Sandwich Maker (750 watt, Black)

    best sandwich maker in India-solimo

    Our Rating: 9.7/10

    Key Features

    • 750 watt allows for efficient toasting/grilling.
    • 1.2 meters long power cord for convenience.
    • 301 auto cook menu options.
    • Compact vertical storage occupies the minimum area in kitchen.
    • Teflon coating is easy to clean and maintain.
    • 18.4 cm X 9.3 cm can accommodates universal size of bread. 
    • 1 year warranty against manufacture defects.
    • Hinged lock for sealing.

    Get To Know More About Solimo Sandwich maker

    This is our 2nd best and safest choice from the Amazon brand Solimo. This sandwich maker has utmost features that helps to make delicious and crunchy toaster in mere minutes. It has a compact and space saving design that suited for small pantries. Their non-stick plates with double Teflon coating suitable for perfect toasting. The automatic thermostat control feature provide temperature accuracy. Thereby the shape and size of the sandwich come out super natural and crunchy.

    Manufacturer takes the good decision to add the long power cord for convinience. It has 1.2 meter length cord that makes it capable to grill sandwich even on far from electric socket. Although, a successful appliance for Indian household.

    As we collect more knowledge about the solimo brand by visiting different site and reading the verified review. Our total prediction about the product high in everything. whether it is build quality or performance. 

    Indeed, a good deal as per our opinion and surely recommend to our reader. I mine use the same sandwich maker for my daily toasting need.


    • 750 watt power required to start.
    • Heating indicator signal for precook or postcook.
    • 1 year full warranty
    • Teflon coating is easy to clean.


    • slight gap on sides angles when you close the toaster.

    Fan Said: "Product is perfect match. Heat the sandwich very quick. The wire used is better than other sandwich makers. Best part about is non stick. Still shining like new. No pressure on slices to cut in two parts"

    3. Borosil Super Jumbo 2000-Watt Grill Sandwich Maker (Black)

    best sandwich maker in India from from borosil

    Our Rating: 9.5/10

    Key Features

    • Jumbo Size grilling plate prepare 4 regular sandwiches at a time.
    • Oil collector tray attach beneath to drain excess oil and butter.
    • Non-stick heating plate.
    • Open up to 105° for filling stuff easily.
    • 2000 watt power grilling quick and uniform.
    • Power indicator facility with automatic temperature control.
    • Thermal fuse integrated for extra safety.
    • Available in Black color.

    Get To Know More About Borosil Jumbo Sandwich Maker

    Borosil jumbo is our 3rd best choice. We pick it form the best seller list of jumbo size. Presence of this jumbo size appliance is very much corresponding when you need to ready more than one sandwich. Most of time all the family member and guest demand for sandwich. In this situation Boroil Large size would capable to prepare 4 jumbo sandwich at a single time. Like that you can prepare hot, tasty and fresh sandwich in less than 6 minute.

    This brand is the dominant seller for the long time. However, people like to show their interest in it instead of going for other similar brand. Thereby we inspect all the points and take decision to suggest it for our readers.

    You may happy to know the feature of this Borosil Sandwich Maker. It has large plate that may assist you 4 slice by using minimum oil. yes, the oil collector attached just below the plate to remove excess oil. Moreover, The temperature knob is supportive hand to adjust temperature as per the requirement. Along with their non- stick heated ribs, you can prepare the extra crispy grilling at a go. 

    It also provide side type handle lock on the right side. This will prevent the door from unwanted locking. The model has flexible opening of 105° that bring the access for feeding ingredients inside. Moreover, A non-stick surface is engineered to reduce the ability of other materials to stick on sandwich plate. This model come up with 2000 watt power which makes the operation fast and proficient. 


    • Oil collector tray effective step for health.
    • 2000 watt power complete your task in frequently.
    • Slide type lock on handle.
    • Jumbo size non-stick plate.


    • Electricity consumption is very high.

    Fan Said: "Excellent product I was received . It's value for money because of light weight and heavy duty machine. Suitable for homes with limited time where both spouses work. I think this is the best Sandwich maker in this price range."

    4. KENT Sandwich Grill 700W, Non-Toxic Ceramic Coating

    best sandwich maker in India - Kent

    Our Rating: 9.2/10

    Key Features

    • Express Cooking is the fast forward option.
    • Overheat feature maintain the temperature and turn when reach too high.
    • You can cook even better by using timer option.
    • Explore new flavors and cuisines with 71 per installed menus.
    • Smart steam clean done hygiene process in matter of minutes.
    • Sensitive touch panel is easy to handle and pursued the modern look. 
    • 23 liter is well suitable for Indian family.
    • IFB is the Indian brand famous for reliability and trust. 

    Get To Know More About Kent sandwich Maker

    Kent is the name that we're familiar for water purifier but one more item get in your touch is Sandwich maker. This Kent product is slightly small in compare of Borosil that we discussed above. It can ready two full slice at a time. However, the price is very suitable and pocket friendly. If you're looking something in affordable deal price than Kent Sandwich maker is the one high feature ended option for you. 

    This kitchen appliance has exciting review on top websites that means it was already purchased by thousands of people. If we're interact with it's feature. The kent has come up with Compact and sleek looking modern design. Though, a master piece item agile for a healthy and tasty quick snack.

    Their multi-functional ability helps you to roast, toast, grill and even make a multi layered sandwich with full of ease. As the appliance protected with non-toxic ceramic coating that make sure the usage of butter is less and however flip done simultaneously without sticky anything at surface.  

    It's not stop here, the  ceramic layer makes the grill portion easy to clean. With its ergonomic handle. There is no need to concern about the safety risk. This is accurate insulator and heat resistive. 

    Advance technology stood it keep high on place. The automatic temperature detector turn off the appliance once the dish is ready to eat. Also the appliance is compact, light weight and easy to store or carry while travel.

    A great deal in unexpected price range. You must check at once the link is available just around the content.


    • cleaning is not a hassle at all.
    • It is compact yet stylish.
    • Adjustable height.
    • you can take for short trips as well.


    • The keypad is not highly sensitive. It need to press the button. 

    Fan Said: "Performance & Speed is super reliable. it starts working within few seconds after the griller is ON. The sandwiches grilled properly & Look delicious. So over all purchase is value for money and Easy to use."

    5. Morphy Richards 700-Watt 2 Slice Grill Toaster (White)

    Best sandwich maker in India -  Morphy richard

    Our Rating: 9.3/10

    Key Features

    • 2 year warranty over the product.
    •  easily wind up or detangle the cord.
    • This sandwich maker is endowed with a cool touch body.
    • you can touch it without any second thought.
    • Grill sandwich with less or no oil.
    • Energy saver with 700 watt power.
    • Comfortable front handle for carrying anywhere.
    • easy to clean and non-stick plates.

    Get to know more about Morphy Sandwich Maker

    Hungry for restaurant type sandwich or want quick to serve snack for your afternoon enjoyment. Now it is possible to Grill, Toast, or Roast at home in a fast forward style. Morphy richard brand presented 700 watt 2 slice grill toaster. This is also one more kitchen item available is less price with perfect build quality. It has comfortable handle with plastic coating, That is totally safe from electric sock and easy to carry at any distance. 

    The best part over the other brand is the Morphy Richard offer 2 year complete warranty on the product. In our study and hours of research we found very less product who gave you 2 year comprehensive warranty. So, it's a good deal if you're wise fan of morphy products. Moreover, The sandwich maker is incorporated with oil drip extension. Though which you can prevent themselves to intake extra calories.  

    However, a best product in prospective of health measures. Right at the time of writing this blog post, The product was already rated by 1,346 people. As i  look, all the reviews are positive and people share their positive expression in the lines.

    You should check it at once before making any purchase. This is our last and best choice we refer you. Hope you like it and also share with your friends and relatives.


    • 2 year complete warranty.
    • High on utility value.
    • Cool touch body.
    • Fully insulated secured body.


    • Temperature control feature missed.

    Fan Said: "I am using this product for last 3-4 months now and it's working perfectly. Just a WOW toaster !! Makes my job easy and strain free. All of them the products has good quality and value for money"

    Conclusion {Our Opinion}

    This is the Final result of best Sandwich Maker in India. There is two separate option that you can choose one  for your kitchen.

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