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    A mixer is popular by many names in India like mixe, mixers, Indian blender and much more.  These Indian standard mixer grinder are worldwide famous because of their rough and tough grinding jobs. They are also design to withstand in worst situation whether the frequent voltage fluctuation and electricity outage. Right these days, The new model mixer grinder have essential attachments like slicers, centrifugal juicer and coconut milk extractor. However you can use them likewise. 

    There are unbelievable benefits of using the mixer grinder. First of all, it will reduce the time span needed to prepare a dish and other you can take out maximum time to spend with you family, friends and love ones. Nevertheless, A versatile appliance is a very good example of multi-tasking. One appliance is implicit for so many foody task such as mixing, grinding and juicing. 

    A mixer grinder usually have 3 jars and they are famous by the name liquidizing jar, Chutney jar and dry/wet grinding jar. All of these jars being operated from powerful and energy efficient motor. The ability of motor is to rotate on high speed. Though, the blade would accomplish all sorts of task in matter of minutes.

    There are several option available in marketplace. Though, the purchasing decision is depend upon the requirements and pocket budget. However we added best 7 mixer grinder that would help you to figure out one best under your pocket range. All of the product are well researched and have been added by doing hours of research. Though, you can trust on us and take the advantage of well researched content.

    Almost every product is practically challenged by our team. Though, the measurement of strength, build quality and allover performance can be calculated. So, the chance of inconvenience is absolutely less. Nonetheless, you can pick one from our top 3 choice. These top 3 picks could be introduced for those person who don't have enough time to read full article. Indeed, the sufficient details is provide below every product. So, you get an idea before moving to main product page.

    Our Top 3 Picks


    best mixer grinder in India - philips

    Philips 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

    Reason To Select?

    Advance air ventilation.

    3 speed control with pulse option.

    2 year complete warranty.

    Unique Triangular Body Design.


    best mixer grinder in India - bajaj rex

    Bajaj 500 Watt Mixer Grinder

    Reason To Select?

    Easy grip jar handles.

    Elegant body design.

    1 year full warranty.

    Very budget friendly product.


    best mixer grinder in India - Prestige original

    Prestige 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

    Reason To Select?

    Include juicer jar for smoothies & juice extraction.

    4 Super efficient stainless steel blades.

    2 year warranty.

    ABS high quality plastic used.

    Quick Recommendation

    Each brand that we go through has something unique features. If you are in hurry and want a best deal at a very reasonable price then Surely go for Prestige Mixer Grinder with Juicer . A very special and feature loaded item for our readers. There is also 2nd option available from Bosch just below - This Bosch Mixer Grinder is 2021 best seller and available in 1000 watt power.

    2021 Best Seller

    best seller mixer grinder

    Bosch Pro 1000W Mixer Grinder

    Bosch Pro is the best seller in year 2021. It has high in demand. A large number of Indian consumer had already purchased . Indeed, a perfect Mixer Grinder available with 1000 watt powerful motor. Get to know more about the product and its features - click here

    7 Best Mixer Grinder In Detail Review

    1. Preethi Zodiac 750-Watt Mixer Grinder with 5 Jars

    best Mixer grinder in India - Preethi

    Our Rating: 9.9/10

    Key Features

    • Forefront Speed Controls Knob.
    • Super sharp multi-functional blades.
    • Master chef plus jar for kneading atta and chops vegetables.
    • 750 watt powerful motor ensure robust operation. 
    • 5 year motor warranty and 2 year on full product.
    • Super Extraction option for coconut and tamarind extraction.
    • A very sophisticated design is a part of compliment. 
    • The product is long lasting and easy to operate.
    • Cooling fan makes it heat resistant. No heating issue anymore.

    Get to know more About Preethi Zodiac Mixer Grinder

    Our first choice is Preethi. This is very supreme, elegant and qualitative product. Right these days, people have rush toward the item. They're showing their interest promptly. However, a right choice for anyone want fully loaded product at a go. Thus, the brand integrate all the indispensable possibilities that required in kitchen.  This is multi purpose appliance not only used for mixing or grinding but also a great advantage for food processing abilities. Now let's gets more closer and quick understand the features and working principles.

    All the process makes easy when start the Vega W5 motor. This is special design & powerful motor which has capability to grinds turmeric just in 2 minutes. Hence promote themselves as a time saver machine. Consecutively,  The usage of Razor sharped stainless steel blades is high ending. You can evenly used them for finest grinding and juicing experience. 

    The availability of master chef jar is exemplary. with the help of it, you can kneads aata in 1 minute and chop vegetables in next few seconds. However a great option for Indian households who takes 10-15 minutes for atta preparation. Based on my experience making atta is a hectic and time consuming task for both bachelors and mothers. Now, the technology automate every process in one click. Just you need to familiar right appliance at a right time. Hence, Preethi zodiac is right fit for these application.

    An intuitive feature is 3 in 1 Insta Fresh Juicer. It means one jar can do three function - Centrifugal juicer, Super extractor and Blender. Therefore, a very helpful option for faster juice extraction. I think almost none of other brand would offer this feature. Nonetheless, a imperative deal for a foody person. It's the correct time to check this Graceful Design & Elegant Color. The craftmanship of the of the mixer grinder is appreciable.  Brand takes the guarantees to add elegance into your kitchen. Allover a best deal in every prospective. In our opinion, value for money product. We said, every home have at least one. The offer link is given below. 


    • 750W Vega W5 Motor.
    • Safety Indictor for overload protection.
    • 5 year warranty on motor and 2 year on product.
    • Super sharp blades.


    • Little expensive. Do not afford by everyone.

    What People Says : "It is worth to purchase. I really love the product quality wise as well as motor is very powerful. you won't required third gear, All my task was completed in 2nd gear and material quality is awesome. I am using it for everything chopping, aata kneading, juicing. it does finalize every task super quickly and properly. I will definitely recommend ."

    2. Philips HL7756/00 Mixer Grinder, 750W, 3 Jars (Black)

    best mixer grinder in India - philips

    Our Rating: 9.8/10

    Key Features

    • Provide 3 stainless steel jars for multiple work.
    • 3 speed control and pulse button to boost speed.
    • 750 watt turbo motor with advance cooling ventilation.
    • specialized blades for toughest ingredients.
    • Transparent lid for perfect consistency.
    • Optimized design for uncomprimized performance.
    • Long lasting plastic body.
    • 2 year full proof warranty with card.

    Get To Know More About Philips Mixer Grinder

    Philips is our 2nd best and foremost choice in top 7 list. This is the trending product and highly sold out in 2021. Due to their strength, build quality and aesthetic look. People likely to purchase the product for itself and loving ones. A very sophisticated and classic item is specialize to gift anyone. Just a few days ago, I advise my office colleague to buy same mixer grinder. When I asked him after 6 month. He is very satisfied with his purchase and said the product has exciting features in a genuine price range. 

    It has 750 watt powerful turbo motor, which gives you enhance grinding experience with tough ingredients. You can even use it for toughest black whole gram (dal) for making tasty vadas and dosas. Along with the Advanced Air Ventilation System makes it favorable by providing fasted cooling for motor life span. Moreover the coupler is made up of toughest and hardest plastic material. Thereby, the continues firm between the jar and body has maintained.

    A next level and high graded stainless steel used in jar creation. However, you can used it for any purpose like batters, purees, pastes milkshakes and  lassis in the same jar. Alongside, The semi-dome transparent lid is provide you space to look ingredients activity while perform the operation.

    The jar is leak proof and the rubber gaskets is amazingly fit while making chutney. However, a user friendly design and easy to clean. This futuristic product is our choice and hence we recommend to our readers. You can check it without any further discussion. I am pretty sure that you're excited on reading the customer feedback available on product page.


    • Removable spout and blade.
    • 2 year complete warranty.
    • Superior for juicing mixing and grinding
    • Overload protection.


    • Noise during work.

    What People Says "By far this product has meet my all expectation. it's 750 watt high speed is up to mark on finishing the grinding within 1-2 minutes. The vacuum stand is also marvelous as it ensures that the machine does not wobble during operation .  Highly recommended. "

    3. Bajaj Rex 500W Mixer Grinder with Nutri-Pro Feature, 3 Jars, White

    best mixer grinder in India - bajaj rex

    Our Rating: 9.7/10

    Key Features

    • an incher for momentary operation.
    • Used premium ABS plastic.
    • Sporty and elegant body design.
    • Multi-functional blade system.
    • 3 speed control for perfect result.
    • 1 year maximum warranty.
    • 500 watt powerful motor embeddid.
    • Noise level is abnormal even in high speed. 

    Get To Know More About Bajaj 500 watt mixer grinder

    If you're looking for a budget friendly mixer grinder appliance than no one is better than Bajaj. This is our 3rd best choice and I know you would really love the product because thousands of consumer already getting the advantage. Due to the less price and high performance the selling of Bajaj mixer grinder is exceptionally high. Today we added it for you and collect important data about the brand. So, you can get the proper knowledge before making any buying decision.

    Now it's time to improve your culinary skills by using Rex 500W Mixer Grinder! The powerful motor is good enough to carry out several cooking task. Along  with the vacuum feet is a great touch to prevent machine from sliding. Gradually, the three jar - 0.3 L chutney jar, 0.8 L dry grinding jar and 1.2 L liquidizing jar is best for different provision.

    It has also 3 speed control that makes the process easy by increasing and decreasing the speed. Furthermore, The sporty and elegant body design makes it more sturdy and the grip handle is easy to carry on liquidizing jar. contemporary, All that task being fulfill effortlessly with the help of multifunctional blades system.

    Moreover, the rust proof body is highly durable stance. Whilst the premium quality ABS plastic has wonderful strength that would not corrode with time. Beside the fact, it will lend the shiny finesse that would make a part of enhancement in your kitchen. Indeed, we said a perfect choice in a very affordable price. you can go for it. The offer link is given below.


    • Nutri-Pro Feature.
    • 20000 rpm and 500 watt motor.
    • 1 year comprehensive warranty.
    • Jar material is stainless steel.


    • Small chutney jar and no extended warranty on motor.

    What People Says "I am using it past 8 months and the grinder perform excellent for me . This makes my heavier task easy like preparing chutneys, grind spices , making batter and other quick use. Still working fine without any problem. I am satisfied with my buying decision."

    4. Prestige Iris 750 Watt Mixer Grinder + 1 Juicer Jar

    best mixer grinder in India - Prestige original

    Our Rating: 9.8/10

    Key Features

    • 4 Super efficient stainless steel blades.
    • Smartly designed super grade plastic body.
    • Ergonomically designed sturdy handles.
    • Overload protection prevent motor from over heating.
    • 2 year warranty on both motor and product.
    • 3 speed control for uniform grinding.
    • Lock system ensure jar safety.
    • 750 wattage powerful motor inserted.

    Get To Know More About Prestige 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

    Prestige is also a big brand in appliance industry. In present days, they are competitive participants in mixer grinder market. As per the new report of 2021. The brand has great customer fan base and likely summiting themselves in top selling list. Based on our review methodology and marketing survey. We take decision to add prestige in top 7 list. The product has a integral customer feedback. There are 26,000+ verified buyer already share their mixer grinder experience. Hence a very sophisticated item with no chance of disagreement. Let's do the in-depth analysis.

    The product has 750 watt powerful motor and operate on 230 V. Their high efficiency motor generate 20000 RPM. Thus, you can counter any harder task. Beside that 4 jar provides you ability to carry out respected activity. They 4 jar are used for individual assistance such as Chutney Jar, juicer jar, Dry jar and wet grinding jar. However, one equipment has talent to perform different chores. 

    Superior classic plastic used to design the body. Along with the jar have  ergonomically designed sturdy handles and stainless steel blades. There is extra feature of safety lock make sure the mixer grinder won't start either the jar is correctly fit. Consecutively, the overload protection feature prevent the motor from heating damage.

    Periodically, the perfect product for Indian kitchen. Our opinion is clear and recommend the mixer grinder. The best part is reasonable price. It means you can also added it into your cooking applinace list.


    • Design is very beautiful.
    • Highest safety standards
    • 2 year comprehensive warranty.
    • 4 sharp blades for fine grinding.


    • Knob grip may be improved.

    What People Says "I researched many other variant , but I am not satisfied with their rate. Finally, This product cover all my expectation and also reasonable regarding price point. Too much of happy and recommend from my side."

    5. Lifelong Power - Pro 500 Watt 3 Jar Mixer Grinder + 1100 Watt Dry Iron

    best mixer grinder in India - lifelong

    Our Rating: 9.2/10

    Key Features

    • A combo collection of Iron and Mixer Grinder.
    • Appliance has stunning plastic body.
    • Temperature control ability.
    • Non-stick Coated Soleplate for quick iron.
    • 3-speed setting knob.
    • 2 jar with easy grip handle.
    • 500 wattage powerful motor.
    • 1 year warranty on product.

    Get to know more about Lifelong Mixer Grinder in India

    Lifelong is such a brand which offer you combo deal in a very fair price. The combination of wet dry iron and mixer grinder is flexible for Indian society. Most of people prefer to do iron at home and however, a compact light weight iron is great option as well. This is our 5th best choice and Large group of people love to go with lifelong brand. Hence we pick it to introduce our readers. So, you also get filmier about the product feature, price, specification and all over performance. Let's take the brief insight of the mixer grinder.

    The brand provide 2 jar with mixer grinder to fulfill the basic mixing and grinding need. It is clear said, the item is made for specific purpose. However, the extraordinary task like juicing, chopping and atta kneading isn't possible. If you want these facility too then you increase your budget price and check our 1st four choice.

    Its 500 watt motor is operated by 3 speed control. The smart knob mount on the mixer grinder could adjust varying speed limit. Now, it makes the things handy and sophisticated. 

    In our research and study material we found, The company barely focus on customer exact need and try to resolve it by inventing the solution in affordable price. There is few brand available who is succeed to deliver such a great product. Our suggestion is straight forward, if you're in tight budget then combo deal is better fit option for you. 


    • 1100 Watt Dry Iron.
    • 1 year warranty.
    • Adjust temperature as per the fabric type.
    • Great quality in low price.


    • High vibration and also sound on max speed.

    What People Says "Genuinely good product delivered in this price range. There is nothing that can discontented me. Value for money mixie . I'm the repeated buyer and ordered one more for my sister."

    6. Bosch Pro 1000W Mixer Grinder (Black)

    best mixer grinder in India - bosch

    Our Rating: 9.6/10

    Key Features

    • Lid lock for hand free operation.
    • Suction feet for sturdy grip on countertop.
    • Chrome finish for enhance elegance.
    • Stainless steel jars with flow breakers.
    • Super quality juice extractor.
    • Introduced stone pounding technology.
    • Concealed bush for contamination free task.
    • Overload protection for safe operation

    Get to know more About Bosch 1000 Watt Mixer Grinder

    Bosch is very profound option if you're looking for 1000 watt mixer grinder appliance. If you're keen person and don't want any compromise in build quality and power then Bosch is the right fit option for you. Based on our analysis, the size is large and every proportion feel  premium look. Thereby, the price of the product is slightly high as per the design and outlook. Promptly, the brand has wide range of sales graph. There is absolute number 5,209+ buyer had rated the product and the number has been multiplied daily. The best part is that the product has excellent rating, which is tough task to maintain for any brand. Now, let's gets familiar with the features and specification.

    In this Mixer Grinder, Bosch has introduced stone pounding technology. It's very helpful to preserve authentic texture of your masala. Beside that the uniquely designed blunt pounding blade tribute for fine grinding, juicing and mixing. There is more advance technology added such as Active flow beaker, patented technology and Maxxjuice extractor. All of these feature feels you gratitude toward modern era skills. Along with you might be try different recipe in a less time. 

    All of us look the recent mixer grinder has to hold the lid while perform the operation. The Bosch brand  get rid of this problem and raise the sturdy lid lock for hand free operation. Moreover, the strong suction feet ensure the complete grip on the countertop. So, you can purely eliminating the need of hand while grinding.

    My favorite is chrome finish. This gives an elegant look to your mixer grinder. It is always the part of attraction and complements. Gradually, the stainless steel jar with flow breakers enthusiasm of excellent performance. It has ultra power to grid hard ingredients like raw masalas, turmeric and seeds.


    • 1000 wattage powerful motor.
    • unique lid-locks.
    • High grade stainless steel jars
    • 2 year complete warranty.


    • No LED indication.
    • Vibrates slightly while grinding.

    What People Says "I bought it after visiting so many brands and this is the best I had made the choice. Grinds so fast and perfect. Value for money.  Also the look is premium. True on details mention in description. There is no need to purchase separate grinder & juicer if you buy this one. Thank you so much Bosch."

    7. Preethi Steel Supreme Mixer Grinder - 750 watt

    best mixer grinder in India -  preethi

    Our Rating: 9.3/10

    Key Features

    • 750 watt motor grind toughest ingredients with ease.
    • Turbovent technology retain the original taste.
    • Anti-Finger Mark coating keeps fingerprint away.
    • Super extractor for juice and smoothies.
    • Chrome Plated Handles designed for hassle free usage.
    • Shock resistant body.
    • Enjoy a 2 year guarantee and 5 year warranty.
    • Overload protection prevent against voltage fluctuation.

    Get to know more about Preethi 750 mixer grinder

    This is our 7th best and last choice in 750 watt Mixer Grinder list. Preethi brand is one of the best 750 watt Mixer Grinder manufacturer in India. Their design and color pattern is unique. They're also a great chaser in performance wise and the outstanding build quality makes it most selling 750 watt mixe. Based on customer feedback the product has surprising response. It will get 4.3 overall rating out of 5. Nonetheless, get abstract idea about product.

    The Turbovent Technology is the innovation by Preethi with advance version of ventilation system. This might help to keep the surface cooler and hence extend the life of motor. It is also helpful to retain the fresh and original taste.

    Anti-Finger Mark coating keeps away unnecessary spot mark and fingerprint. Thus easy to clean and retain the beauty for years. In addition, the Chrome Plated Handles add the admire touch and the steel casing finish makes high ticket product. Moreover, the wire is carefully assembled. So, the body have totally shock proof. 

    Indeed, a perfect mixer grinder in 750 watt power. Based on features and positive consumer experience, We recommend this product to our readers. The offer link is given below. 


    • LED power Indicator.
    • 5 year maximum warranty.
    • Overload protection.
    • Anti finger mark coating


    • We found no cons.

    What People Says "The Mixer Grinder has a classy exterior and work like a charm even in hard ingredients. It's not too noisy and works same as described at website. Overall quality is good. The best part, it is an Indian product which understand Indian people demand."

    Conclusion {Our Opinion}

    This is the Final result of best Mixer Grinder In India. After doing the lots of research and spending time on different ecommerce website. We decide one best Mixer Grinder for you.

    You can surely check Prestige Iris 750 Watt Mixer Grinder 

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