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MotorCars is a modern and unique PSD template designed especially for car sellers, dealers and real estate companies. This template is awesome and very useful for online vehicle marketplace or an auto mobile management. This template contains features like rent, sell or buy cars all in one place. You can use this template for creating website based on any framework and in multiple language. For example WordPress, Drupal, Django, Expression, Joomla CMS or even custom CMF.

It’s easy to customize this template for your purpose. MotorCars template has everything you need to start your next unique cars selling website. Photoshop (PSD) files are fully layered and simply customizable, all elements are in Groups and can easily identify by the group name as well.


  1. Homepage
  2. About Us
  3. Coming Soon
  4. Inventory page [2 layouts]
  5. Individual Car page
  6. Compare Car page
  7. Services page
  8. Service Booking page
  9. Blog page [2 layouts]
  10. Blog Detail page [2 Views with 4 layouts]
  11. Shop page
  12. Shop detail page
  13. Cart page
  14. Checkout page
  15. Driving School page
  16. Driving School List page
  17. Car Insurance page
  18. Car Loan page
  19. Brochure
  20. Videos
  21. Discount
  22. Maintainance Calculator
  23. Advertisement
  24. 404 page
  25. FAQ
  26. Forum
  27. Forum-Category
  28. Forum Content
  29. Flyover Menu
  30. Mega Menu
  31. Car on Rent
  32. Coming Soon
  33. Search page
  34. All elements page


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