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QT 4X4QT 4X4

QT 4x4QT 4x4

QPT logoQPT logo SPECIFICATION : Power : 3000W Pressure : 180 – 300 Bar Flow rate : 15 L/Min Voltage : 220 V HP : 4HP Core : 100% Copper Winding

QPT QT 4 X 4 HPW High Pressure Washer.

4HP Commercial High Pressure Washer

Presenting QPT QT 4 X 4 HPW heavy pressure washer, the perfect companion for your cleaning tasks, from revitalizing your vehicle’s shine to sprucing up your garden furniture, refreshing your deck, and giving your windows a spotless look. Its adaptability will leave you in awe, and its top-notch quality and exceptional performance make it a clear winner. Elevate your cleaning game with the Starq pressure washer.

100% Copper Winding Powerful 4HP- 3000 WATTS Motor Wheels for Easy Mobility Brass Pump Component 4 Multi Degree Nozzles Pressure Controlling Knob for Various Usage

4 Multi Degree Nozzles4 Multi Degree Nozzles

Wheels for portabilityWheels for portability

Brass pump partBrass pump part

Heavy Duty Switch BoardHeavy Duty Switch Board

4 Multi Degree Nozzles

The QT 4 X 4 HPW by QPT includes four color-coded multi-degree nozzles. The red nozzle (0 degree) offers precision cleaning, the yellow (15 degrees) provides a balanced power and coverage mix, the green (25 degrees) is great for larger surfaces, and the white (40 degrees) is gentle for delicate tasks. These versatile nozzles make it easy to handle a variety of cleaning jobs with precision.

Wheels for Portability

The QT 4 X 4 HPW by QPT is designed for your convenience, featuring built-in wheels for effortless portability. This means you can easily move the machine to different cleaning locations without the hassle of carrying it. Whether you’re cleaning your car, patio, or any other area, the inclusion of wheels makes the process a breeze, providing you with mobility and ease of use.

Brass Coated Pump Part

The QT 4 X 4 HPW by QPT boasts a durable brass pump, coupled with a high-performance motor. This robust combination ensures exceptional cleaning power and long-lasting reliability. The brass pump is known for its resistance to corrosion and wear, while the high-performance motor delivers the force needed for a wide range of cleaning tasks. With this winning combination, you can count on the machine for efficient and consistent performance, making your cleaning jobs a breeze.

Heavy Duty Switch Board

The QT 4 X 4 HPW by QPT features a heavy-duty switchboard and power cable, designed to withstand the rigors of demanding cleaning tasks. The robust construction ensures reliable and safe operation, even in tough conditions. This machine is built to last, offering you peace of mind and dependable performance every time you power it up. With a durable switchboard and power cable, you can confidently tackle your cleaning projects with ease.

QT 4X4QT 4X4

Washing Large AutomobilesWashing Large Automobiles

Cleaning FloorsCleaning Floors

Industrial or Warehouse CleaningIndustrial or Warehouse Cleaning

Cleaning Walls or RoofsCleaning Walls or Roofs

Large / Heavy Vehicle Washing

The QT 4 X 4 HPW by QPT is a powerhouse that excels in effortlessly cleaning heavy and large vehicles. Its impressive power and high-performance motor deliver the force required to tackle even the toughest grime and dirt on trucks, RVs, and other sizable vehicles. With this machine, you can achieve a thorough and efficient clean, making it the perfect choice for heavy-duty cleaning tasks, ensuring your vehicles look their best.

Cleaning Floors

Thanks to its impressive power, the QT 4 X 4 HPW by QPT can easily tackle and remove stubborn dirt from floors. Whether it’s deep-seated grime, oil stains, or tough residues, this machine’s high-performance motor ensures a thorough and efficient clean. With the QT 4 X 4, you can effortlessly rejuvenate your floors and surfaces, making it a top choice for handling even the most challenging cleaning tasks.

Industrial or Warehouse Cleaning

The QT 4 X 4 HPW by QPT is your ideal solution for easily cleaning large factories and warehouses, all thanks to its incredible power. Its high-performance motor delivers the force required to efficiently tackle extensive spaces and heavy-duty cleaning needs. With this machine, you can maintain a pristine and hygienic environment, keeping your industrial areas in top condition with minimal effort. The QT 4 X 4 is the ultimate choice for powering through extensive cleaning tasks in large-scale facilities.

Cleaning Walls or Roofs

The QT 4 X 4 HPW by QPT is a powerful solution for cleaning roofs and walls covered in stubborn dirt and grime. Its high-performance motor delivers the necessary force to effectively blast away accumulated filth, leaving surfaces looking renewed and refreshed. This machine is the go-to choice for tackling exterior cleaning tasks, making it easy to restore the beauty and cleanliness of your property with minimal effort.

2200 W 3000 W 3000 W 2200 W 3000 W 3800 W

Max Pressure
220 Bar 220 Bar 300 Bar 180 Bar 220 Bar 250 Bar

Max Flow (L/Min)
8 L/Min 12 L/Min 15 L/Min 12 L/Min 12 L/Min 15 L/Min

Pressure Adjustment

Semi-Commercial Commercial Commercial Commercial Commercial Commercial

Pipe Length
8 Mtr 10 Mtr 9 Mtr 8 Mtr 10 Mtr 10 Mtr



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