Best❤️Smart Air HEPA Filter for The Sqair Air Purifier | White| Only Comptaible for Sqair Air Purifier



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Product Description

The Sqair H11 HEPA filter

Sqair HEPA FilterSqair HEPA Filter

The HEPA filter is the core of any purifier, but they’re not rocket science. HEPA filters are not proprietary the truth is that they were invented over 70 years ago, and they’re not one company’s patent.

We analyzed the performance of over 30 different filter types before selecting the H11 filter used in The Sqair. With over 10,000 hours of test data under our belt, we chose a filter that maximizes performance and lifespan for The Sqair.

How The Sqair HEPA Filter Cleans Air

Sqair HEPA RemovesSqair HEPA Removes

HEPA filters (or High-efficiency particulate air) are filters that capture at least 95% of particles. The Sqair HEPA captures 99.5% of all particles, including the really tiny ones. Since HEPA filters get virusesreally small particles, they can capture a lot of the harmful stuff such as virus, bacteria, molds, pollen.

1.5 Meter Sqaure of High Grade H11 Material

High grade H11 HEPA MaterialHigh grade H11 HEPA Material

Even captures nano particles!

Sqair Filter captures even nano particlesSqair Filter captures even nano particles

H11 HEPA filter captures PM2.5, pollen, molds, allergens
Huge surface area: 1.5 m2 of high-grade HEPA material equivalent to 22x A4 sheets
Sqair HEPA filter even captures nano-particles
Filter Material: PP+PET. HEPA life up to 800 hours (when used 8 hours/day). Filter life may vary on usage and pollution level



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