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    Today refrigerator is one of the miracle appliance that totally changed the human life style. This is the only way to preserve food from degradation and However, the source of real luxury life in summer time. The basic fundamental of refrigerator is to keep the food cold. So, it can stay fresh for a longer period of time. In spite of fact that the basic idea behind refrigerator is to slow the bacterial activity. However, the bacteria takes longer time cycle to spoil the food.

    This is equally hard to choose a refrigerator in competitive world. There is a lots of option available which may cause to confusion. Thus, the important aspects need to consider before buying a refrigerator. First of all, you need to Look for the ENERGY STAR.  Higher star means saving energy, saving money and a helping hand to protect the environment. Another important factor include feature like odour removal, spill-proof racks, cooling control, shelf height and humidity controller to keep the fruits and vegetables fresh.

    At present two types of refrigerator available in Indian Marketplace. One is common single door and other is double door. The single door refrigerator is well suited for bachelors, couples and small family whereas the double door is good for family having 4-7 member.

    As we seen all around the society. Most of small families purchases large refrigerator to show off their relatives and neighbor . The larger appliance means high consumption of electricity and increment in monthly bill. Thereby,  first you look your house preferences like kitchen space and family size and then read our buying guide. Where we discuss all the models , which may reflect all the best option for small to large size families. 

    If you're a busy person and don't have time to read the full blog post of top 10 best refrigerator in India. You have a clear and well researched data available just below. We added our top 3 choice, which may surely help you to choose the best.

    Our Top 3 Picks

    Best refrigerator in India - 2 sided

    LG 679 L Side-By-Side Refrigerator

    Reason To Select?


    Uniform cooling anytime.

    Smart Diagnosis.

    1 year product & 10 year compressor warranty.

    best refrigerator in India - LG

    LG 260L 3 Star Smart Inverter

    Reason To Select?

    Door Cooling+ feature.

    fresh food capacity: 185L.

    1 year on product, 10 years on compressor.

    Trimless tempered Glass.

    best fridge in India - Samsung

    Samsung 198 L Single Door Refrigerator

    Reason To Select?

    Energy rating 5 Star

    Warranty 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor.

    base stand drawer.

    Suitable for families with 2 to 3 members.

    Which is the best Refrigerator in India?

    Quick Recommendation

    Each brand that we go through has something unique. If you want to take quick action and want all over best deal at affordable price. Surely go for Samsung 198 L 5 Star Single Door Refrigerator is our recommendation with fully feature loaded product by Samsung. If you have Low budget & want advance feature oven then visit - 2022 best seller is just below.

    2022 Best Seller

    best seller refrigerator

    Samsung Single Door with 198 Liter capacity

    This Samsung Refrigerator is the best seller in year 2022. This product has high in demand. One thousands plus positive response available by buyers. Means the customer satisfaction is also high. To know more about the product interesting features click here

    7 Best Refrigerator In Detail Review

    1. LG 260L 3 Star Smart Inverter Frost Double Door Refrigerator

    best refrigerator in India - LG

    Our Rating: 9.9/10

    Key Features

    • It has 3 star energy rating.
    • Promise 2 year warranty on product and 10 year on compressor.
    • Double twist ice try for making extra ice.
    • Space accommodate for 2L bottle placement.
    • Smart diagnosis feature to solve any problem.
    • Ice jet technology turn water into ice much faster.
    • Door cooling feature constrain the temperature.
    • Auto defrost function to prevent ice-build up.
    • It is suitable for small families and bacholors.

    Get to know more LG 260L Refrigerator

    LG is our 1st and best choice in refrigerator. A very famous and well known brand for a decades. There're many people already have LG old model refrigerator in their home. However, It's a higher chance you get familiar with LG brand. If not, we're sharing with you a detailed information. In which you go through all the important aspect that may unfold the real truth about features, specification, build quality and overall performance. 

    This model has come up with Smart Inverter Compressor that is reliable for efficient energy consumption, Longer freshness retention and low nose. It's door cooling technology is effective when the door is open. The pressure of cold air flow is constant. However the temperature fluctuation kept to minimum. 

    It has multiple cooling air vents. A superior technology that circulate and distribute the cold air flow to every corner of the refrigerator. Along with the ice jet technology has impactful to change water into ice less than 90 minutes. As the optimum energy parts used to design. Thereby, the refrigerator can operate without a stabilizer. you can take an idea with its voltage range of 100V ~ 310V ^.  

    We have saw most of the time. An appliances had gotten the technical issue and we're unable to examine which fault may occur. So, the solution is Smart diagnosis. It is the app available on both apple and android play store. Their work is to notify you about particular fault. So, the technician can repair it without interfere into other proper functioning parts.

    There is one another best feature is Auto Smart Connect. This is provision for power cut. In India power cut is common. So, the existence of this feature helps to connect the refrigerator to your invertor every time the power goes off. 

    A special latticed-type box might helpful to prevent from excess moisture. Thus the right amount of moisture would retain freshness over the period of time. They also allowed the 2L bottle storage space. So, you can at least place the  2L bottle for your convinience. Some of the extraordinary feature like Double Twist Ice Tray for extra ice and Trimless tempered Glass Shelves to carry heavy load without any spillage.


    • 2 year product and 10 year compressor warranty.
    • 185L fresh food capacity.
    • Less noise and more durable.
    • Multiple air flow cooling.


    • Limited to 3 star energy rating.

    Fan Said: "My old refrigerator had issue by any reason. Now, its very hard for me to store fruits and vegetables without fridge. So, I researched for long hours and found this  cool stuff. No sound and no heating on the sides. The height, color, operation everything is really too good. Best fridge under budget with top notch performance and Worth for the money I paid."

    2. Samsung 244L 3 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

    best refrigerator in India - samsung

    Our Rating: 9.8/10

    Key Features

    • 1 year warranty on product and 10 year on compressor.
    • Automatic cooling adjustment.
    • quieter operation and uses less power.
    • spill proof toughened glass.
    • stabilizer free operation .
    • Special feature is Curd Maestro for perfect curd making.
    • Suitable for 3 to 5 family members and bachelors.
    • High Energy Efficiency with 3 star rating.

    Get To Know More About Samsung 224L refrigerator

    Samsung is our 2nd best choice in refrigerator list. This product has good star rating and people likely to purchase with full gratification. We also do the detailed research. So, you get perfect idea before spending your money. As you seen 1 out of 2 person would like to purchase Samsung refrigerator. This may signal to brand reputation, advertisement and trust factor. Let's get more closer about the fact. We need to understand their incorporated features, material quality and performance.

    Now it is possible to prepare tasty homemade curd. This Samsung refrigerator allowed you to make fresh curd and preserve it too. They already written the curd making step on their website. you can check it and follow them too. On focusing the advancement, they integrated the new features such as Digital inverter technology, Stabilizer free operation and Smart connect inverter. It means your appliance work longer by consuming less electricity. However, a sustainable product for  greater energy efficiency, less noise and long-lasting performance. Along with its solar compatible feature is the additional advantage for those having solar plates. 

    Their toughened glass shelves designed in special form. So, it can rest 175 Kg weight safely. Whilst, the LED touch display have blue light to handle all feature in one click. Consecutively, the recess handle and the hidden hinges provide the appropriate and elegant look on touch. 

    All of these are high ending feature that we discussed above is beyond. As per our guidance and practical usage, These are the supreme and advance feature that a brand could offer in a affordable price. When we talk in sense of performance wise. Our calculation meet all the fundamentals that nee to achieve by any appliance. There is one plus point might helpful, if you stand with Samsung. The brand has already sold large number of refrigerator unit. So, the change of any Inconvenience is almost less. 

    Our decision is straight forward. We really like the refrigerator and also recommend to our readers. This is the right option if you have small family or having 3 to 5 member.


    • Best seller in India.
    • Digital touch display to interact with features.
    • Available in 244 and 253 capacity.
    • Excellent customer feedback.


    • The light isn't embedded inside the refrigerator compartment.

    Fan Said: "I bought this product Just because of curd maestro feature. Exterior look is very attractive and my whole family is curd lover. We use home made curd for raita, idli, lassi and simply as food for eating. I am reviewing the product after the the continuous use of 5 months. It has Robust build quality. Once again the curd prep technique is awesome irrespective of weather condition. The best part is you can avail the Hard and soft curd option. Highly recommend. "

    3. LG 679 L Frost Free Inverter Linear Side-by-Side Refrigerator

    Best refrigerator in India - 2 sided

    Our Rating: 9.5/10

    Key Features

    • 600 L & more mega capacity accepted.
    • Good to enjoy enjoy better organization and smarter storage.
    • MOIST ‘N’ FRESH balance moisture.
    • Monitor both interior and exterior temperature for consistancy.
    • Smart Diagnosis communicate with computer to solve problem.
    • Suitable for families with 5 or more members.
    • 1 year warranty on product and 10 year on compressor.
    • Uniform cooling anytime.

    Get To Know More About LG side by side refrigerator

    Our 3rd choice is LG side by side refrigerator. An absolute product is designed for large families, shop and cantin. It's 679 liter volume is huge enough to put different variety of item at a time. When we look double door, there is minimum option available in Indian market. Thus the  situation evolve the confusion at higher level because other known brands has also similar features. So, it is the challenge to pick best for you and either hard for a normal person to take decision based on the criteria mentioned on the product page. As a reviewer, we have already more familiar with every product available in marketplace. However, we have a flexibility do the research through different sources available online or offline and publish the quality report based on respective data.

    Now the overall experience of interacting with buyers, directories answers and LG sales team. We're fully assured the product has everything good and one step superior than other brands. We also found some awesome feature that may corelate with your hopes and future demand.

    One of the exciting thing which makes the refrigerator is Graphite steel. The exterior looks aesthetic and more attractive from distance. A great mechanism use to make it compact and energy saver. It has highly advanced Inverter linear compressor, make it energy compatible with heavy task force.

    Digital diagnosis is the fast and efficient way to troubleshoot the particular issue. This is the revolutionary invention which may deduct exact fault. So, the technician easily concern through app and provide the immediate solution. 

    Multi Digital Sensor maximize the machine performance by rectifying the Inside out temperature. Thereby Cooling face would manage consistency as per the recorded data. Prior to the fact, The quality of food is longer and stay fresh. An impressive and sophisticated feature that would impress the fridge owner. Multi air flow. Their work is to distribute cold air to every corner of the fridge. It may ensure each and every closed item is properly cooled.


    • 10 year warranty on compressor.
    • Graphite material used for beauty and sturdyness.
    • Multiple air flow for cooling 
    • 600 Liter Mega Capacity


    • Annual power consumption detail isn't explained.

    Fan Said: "Well equipped, spacious and good cooling. This fridge is an ideal option for those who keep a lot of stuff inside the freezer. The fridge compartment is also roomy. One of  best part about this  machine. it has adequate size in every compartments and thus, Very easy to keep the Vegetables and fruits separately."

    4. Haier 565 L Inverter Side-by-Side Door Refrigerator

    best refrigerator in India - Haier

    Our Rating: 9.7/10

    Key Features

    • Noise cancellation technology for silent operation.
    • 90⁰ Door Opening is convenient to store and taking out food.
    • 0.98 unit consumption & Smart Sensors is effective to save electricity bill.
    • The fridge is equipped with super cool and super freeze.
    • Smart holiday function maintain stable temperature when you're out.
    • One touch digital display.
    • 1 year warranty on refrigerator and 10 year on compressor.
    • 565 liters suitable for a large family

    Get To Know More About haier 565L Fridge

    This is another option in side by side refrigerator from Haier brand. It is slightly less in capacity when we compare to LG but still have a long price gap between them. Haier is very cost effective and 20% lesser in price. People are likely to purchase it and also share their positive feedback. With regard to the price, The product has sold profoundly. I think we also pick it our 3rd best choice but there is a capacity decide the place. However a feature loaded and budget friendly side by side refrigerator would not provide other brand in a same price.  571+ review told the story about product popularity. Now get one more step closer to it and know embracing things.

    This side by side refrigerator come up with twin inverter technology. It may ensure both the fan motor and compressor run on DC current. However, less fluctuation may take place. When we talk about the capacity. It has 565 liter space to store edible items. Especially, a beneficial item for large families and restaurants.

    Warranty period is same as other popular brand offered. you will receive 1 year warranty on complete product and 10 year on compressor. The special quality haier fridge compressor is accomplished with twin inverter technology. This may effective to save your electricity cost and as well as environment friendly. 

    Another special feature that we like is PUF insulation, which is helpful to retain low temperature for constant cooling. The manufacturer used sturdy and long lasting material. Spill proof toughened glass is the best example of it. 

    This slim line SBS refrigerator can be fitted to any modular kitchen flawlessly. Just because of it's slim structure and design. Based on Indian lifestyle, the refrigerator has smartly cater your all need. Though, its freezer and fridge ratio is super amazing to store food. One incident had experienced by almost everyone when you're out of home. The fridge is undergone bacterial activity and thus the smell is unbearable when you reached to home. Now, the solution is here, The Haier fridge has invented the smart holiday function which is barely suitable to maintain the temperature when you're out of the home.


    • Available in low price .
    • Good customer feedback and star rating.
    • Twin Inverter Technology.
    • 90⁰ Door Opening


    • very heavy (almost 100+ Kg packaged product)

    Fan Said: "I think this is the best fridge in their category. There price is laterally low when compared to similar specification model. So spacious and lovely. I can keep anything without worrying for space issues. Highly recommend. Don't waste your money to other brand."

    5. Whirlpool 215 L 5 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

    best refrigerator in India - Whirlpool

    Our Rating: 9.5/10

    Key Features

    • internal lab testing done on selected models.
    • Automatically connect to home inverter when power outage.
    • fungi and bacteria free design.
    • Preserve milk up to 12 hours.
    • Magic chiller chills your bottle quickly.
    • 5 star rated refrigerator.
    • Honey comb lock in technology.
    • 1 year product warranty and 10 year compressor.

    Get to know more about Whirlpool 5 star fridge

    If you're looking for a single door refrigerator than whirlpool is the best available option in present time. This fridge has perfect in contrast of every prospective. It has 5 star energy rating. Hence very suitable for low electricity consumption. This product is latest venison of itself. The brand recently launched the improved version in 2022. The refrigerator is high in demand in both online and offline market.  In COVID disease online order is best suitable option. There is no need of bargaining because the fridge already available in very less price compared to offline rate. The best part about online seller is that they provide you 10 days replacement warranty. Now, let's discuss the interesting feature and specification of Whirlpool refrigerator.

    The brand has compact size with 215 liters capacity. one you can barely attract toward the New crescent door Design. There is some brand offer 5 star rating refrigerator and one of them is whirlpool. These are highly optimized in sense of electricity consumption. Meanwhile, lower your monthly electricity bill.  It's door design show the  utmost precision & craftsmanship. Nonetheless, it's superior technology makes them the benchmark of consumer experience in single door types. 

    Whirlpool's Intellisense Inverter technology is another intelligent feature which makes it more sophisticated. This may allow you to start refrigerator at very low voltage. All of sudden, it directly increase 25 years of compressor reliability. Same side the Moisture control system retain the garden freshness up to 7 days. 

    It's honey comb technology maintain the optimum moisture in your edibles to keep them fresher for longer time. Along with micro block technology prevents 99%* bacterial growth. Likewise more safety feature added such as  toughened glass shelves, Magic chiller, 12 hours milk preservation, Anti bacterial gasket, Auto connect to home inverter and stabilizer free operation.

    Based on these outstanding features, we highly recommend this single door refrigerator. The price is very budget friendly and the performance in high.


    • 215 liter capacity.
    • Intellisense inverter technology.
    • Energy Rating: 5 Star.
    • 10 year compressor warranty and 1 year product.


    • Some buyer complain for side dent.

    Fan Said: "The product work silently and cools pretty well. The door handle is catchy and feels stronger. Storage racks has 4 nos at door to store water bottles and spices masala packets.  Very helpful for my vegetables can be stored for 3-4 days. I recommend you can surely buy this product"

    6. Whirlpool 300L Triple Door Refrigerator

    best refrigerator in India -  whirlpool 3 door

    Our Rating: 9.2/10

    Key Features

    • Ice twister to collect ice cubes conveniently.
    • Fruit crisper storage prevents odour mixing . 
    • Microblock technology stop bacterial growth.
    • Customized cooling technology.
    • 3 doors means more advantage.
    • 6th sense active fresh Technology.
    • control knob for adjusting temperature.
    • 1 year full product warranty and 10 year on compressor.

    Get to know more Whirlpool 3 door refrigerator

    you're crazy to see the Whirlphool 3 door refrigerator. Everyone like it, once interact with the design. Most of people do not aware about this model. However they show disappointment after purchasing the other model. on the go, you're entered to right page. So, it's our responsibility to get familiar you with every model being in existence. This refrigerator have 3 separate-door chamber. It may facilitate you to apply sense of humor for item adjustment. So the cooling maintain in 2 other chambers while you open one. 

    Frost-free multi-door refrigerator has 300 liter capacity with advance features. It's moisture flow technology retain freshness inside the compartment for a long time. As it has 5 star energy rating. So, the electricity consumption is lesser than the  60 watt CFL. Another technology for freshness is Zeolite. This is great for the prevention of  excessive ripening of fruits and vegetables. 

    Transfer the cool air to every corner is challenging task for refrigerator brands. now it's possible through air booster. These are super active to circulate air to the every compartment in a uniform way.  Gradually, the separate zone created for fruits. It is the right decision to get rid off odour mixing with other edibles.

    Our final verdict is positive and recommend to our visitors. you can surely check the product main page and read detailed paragraph along with highlight images. There is also real human feedback available, which might help you to take buying decision.


    • ice twister & collecter.
    • stabilizer free operation.
    • better cooling retention.
    • No odour mixing.


    • demo procedure by the company is very poor.

    Fan Said: "A very good refrigerator for small to medium size family. I am happy with the product. Cooling is very fast and efficient. Delivered very fast by Amazon. Highly recommendable product"

    7. Samsung 198 L 5 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

    best fridge in India - Samsung

    Our Rating: 9.3/10

    Key Features

    • Supreme quality refrigerator offered in lesser price.
    • Camellia Black with base stand drawer.
    • Excellent rating 4.4 out of 5
    • 1 year warranty on product and 10 year on compressor.
    • Suitable for 2 to 3 members and bachelors
    • 5 star rating high efficiency model.
    • Voltage range : 100V - 300V.
    • Capacity 198 liters.

    Get to know more About Samsung Single door Refrigerator

    Our 7th and last choice is ended on Samsung single door Refrigerator. It's look very pretty and reflect the aesthetic look. A direct cool fridge is Economical and suitable for a family having 2 to 3 member. It will offer you special feature such as clear lamp view, safe clean back, runs on home inverter, deep door guard and Base stand drawer. The voltage operating range between  100V - 300V.

    It has base stand drawer provide extra space for those items that do not need cooling requirement. It will include onion and potato's. This model offer 6 liter extra internal space. However a good option as compared to other brand in this price range. 

    Solar energy feature makes it perfect for villages and small cities. It require solar panel that would generate electricity within 100v - 300v of voltage range.  It is easy to clean, The safe clean back has imbedded smooth safety cover for the protection vital coils and cables. So, it's easy to wiped off with cloth.

    We highly recommend the Samsung brand because they  are serving in Indian market for a long time. Meanwhile, the reliability and trust factor is exceptional.


    • Quietly saving energy.
    • Run on solar energy.
    • Anti bacterial gasket.
    • Safe clean back.


    • Model requires manual defrosting.

    Fan Said: "Sufficient refrigerator for 4 family members and compact in size,  occupies less space too. It's White LED Light looks very cool and fresh, gives Frozen feeling. Value for moaney product."

    Conclusion {Our Opinion}

    This is the Final result of best Best Refrigerator In India. After Deep analysis of all products. We recommend you Samsung 198L single door refrigerator.

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