Top 7 Best OTG Ovens in India

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    A simple explanation of OTG is Oven-Toaster-Griller. There are many people would confuse about Microwave and OTG oven. So, the clear identification is OTG oven has filament whereas the microwave oven has fan to circulate hot air all around the food dish. 

    There are two filament placed One is upper side and another is bottom side. They're heated up and bake the dish. Right these days modern OTGs oven has also fan which flow air in all direction. Due to the fan, Cooking does very accurate and the food color turn into perfect brownish. Thereby, it feels astonish and damn tasty.

    Now it's easy to prepare delectable delicacy in couples of minutes. This is the very primitive product that might help you to ready tasty food while guest at home. Indeed, question arouse which oven need to choose before making a buying decision.

    If you have a small family or baking occasionally then we prefer go for smaller one oven. Similarly, you have slightly large family and baking on regular basis then you pick large one.

    Most of our blog visitor think to start home bakery then a suitable option is larger one oven. Moreover,  we share with you a full guide of OTGs oven. In which we cover best 7 OTGs oven on the basis of customer real life experience and practical analysis.

    If you're a guy having no time to read full review guide then you can pick directly from our top 3 picks. These are super advance option that we added after a long time research and putting team efforts. You can check them direct through given link provided below the every product. 

    We also added the conclusion of the whole article. you can check it here. It may surely help you to pick right one in your budget range.

    Our Top 3 Picks

    best otg oven in India - philips

    Philips 25 Litre Digital Oven Toaster

    Reason To Select?

    Toast to perfection.

    Making food Heart healthy.

    Opti-temp Technology.

    2 year complete warranty.

    best otg oven for small family - agaro

    AGARO GRAND 21Litre Oven Toaster

    Reason To Select?

    5 Heating Mode.

    Roast, Bake, Grill, Toast and more.

    Variable temperature settings.

    1 year warranty.

    best otg oven in India - bajaj

    Bajaj 22L Oven Toaster Griller (OTG)

    Reason To Select?

    Motorised Rotisserie.

    Stainless steel body.

    Suitable for 4-5 member.

    2 year comprehensive warranty.

    Which is the best OTG Oven in India?

    Quick Recommendation

    Each brand that we go through has something unique. If you want to take quick action and want all over best deal at affordable price. Surely go for Philips 25 Litre Digital Oven Toaster Grill is our recommendation with fully feature loaded product by Philips. If you have Low budget & want advance feature oven then visit - 2022 best seller is just below.

    2022 Best Seller

    best seller otg oven

    Philips 25 Litre Digital Oven Toaster Griller - 2022 Best Seller

    This Philips OTG Oven is the best selling product in 2022. This product is super awesome, beautiful and focus on build quality. The customer satisfaction is high. To know more about the product interesting features click here

    7 Best OTG Oven In Detail Review

    1. Philips 25 Litre Digital Oven Toaster Grill, Grey, 25 liter

    best otg oven in India -  philips

    Our Rating: 9.9/10

    Key Features

    • 25 liter capacity implicit for 4-5 people.
    • Do all baking, grilling, toasting.
    • Operate on 1500 watt means powerful.
    • One touch preset technology and 10 preset menu.
    • Included 90 minute auto cut option.
    • 2 year full warranty on product at nearest service center.
    • Easier and healthier with no or minimum oil.
    • Also deliver India Specific Recipe Book with product.

    Get to know more Philips 25L OTG oven

    This is philips brand our first choice in review list. A well-known brand in appliance industry. People were purchasing it with high expectation. Thereby the customer rating response is improved in comparison of other brand. The best part is that most people should rated 5 star and recommended it to other buying audiences. If you're thinking to place large size OTGs oven in your kitchen. Philips is the perfect option without any argument. Let's us know the great feature of the product and focus light on their build quality.

    As you look already in bold letter the product has 25L capacity. Hence, It is very much supportive for family having 4 to 5 members. Their optimum temperature technology is cooking perfect cake every time. It will distribute the air evenly and may cause the result of uniform browning cake and bread. 

    The toast is also at perfection level. I remember the amazing taste with the perfect crunch. Along with you can grill with no or small sprinkle of oil. This might a good factor of stay healthy. 

    The digital display meter is easy to use and very prominent to select modes, recipes, time and baking temperature. However an expanded version according to the modern world's demand. This is well matched and could undertaken Indian cities lifestyle. Their engineer said, they take the survey of Indian cooking ladies, chefs and cooking masters before innovating the product.

    Indeed, they expand their limit and add some extra and more futuristic accessories such as drip tray, tongs, rotisserie, grilling rack. All of the suitable item are food graded and rust-free. Thus, easy to clean and maintain. 

    Soft turn Chrome finish knobs - Specially design knob to adjust temperature . It may rectify the used to experience and full comfort while cooking. One more noted feature is chamber light would visible from far when food is being prepare.


    • 2 year complete warranty.
    • Preheat function.
    • Digital Display panel.
    • Additional accessories for multi-tasking.


    • Handle become hot while cook.

    Fan Said: "Smart product for smart people. I am student and living a bachelor life. Most of the time after eating tiffin box food i am feeling hungry. So now I purchased the solution and bake according to my choice. Very First time i bake paneer tikka and it's really delicious."

    2. AGARO Marvel 25 litres Oven Toaster Grill with Motorized Rotisserie

    best otg oven in India bigger size - agaro

    Our Rating: 9.8/10

    Key Features

    •  5 STAGE Heating operations.
    • motorized rotisserie helps in creating an instant party hit.
    •  thermostatically controlled feature always taken care the food isn't overcooked.
    • Oven turn off automatically when cooked.
    • The cool touch handles ensures your safety.
    • The circular motion cooks the food evenly.
    • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.
    • Adjust temperature between 100°C to 250°C.

    Get To Know More Agaro OTG Oven

    This is another 25L capacity come from the home of Agaro brand. But this time the price laterally down in compare of Philips. It's not only offer discounted price but also accomplished with advance equipment that maximize the oven efficiency. If you're looking something strong enough in a large size then Agaro is one best available option in market. This is little bit old fashion when adhere but worth it when we look at their price range.

    Now it's time to know about their features and facts for knowledge point of view.  Motorized rotisserie with forks is the integrated option that make sense. By using it you can easily spit-roasting of meat or vegetables. 

    It has 5 heating modes for distinct purpose. you can pronounce them  like Bottom Heating ,Top Heating, Top & Bottom Heating , Rotisserie with Top & Bottom Heating, Rotisserie with Bottom Heating. One separate knob for temperature adjusting. you can adjust temperature between 100°C to 250°C.

    An extraordinary feature that would be a part of appreciation. The manufacturer assembled a transparent heat resistant glass, which is absolutely fantastic and could visible while perform the cooking operation. Their automatic thermostat feature could deduct the burning heat and instant pass the signal to turn off OTG oven.

    Indeed, a very imperative product that  may suitable for fastest cooking. Hence, you can check it too in pocket price range. The product is already purchased by thousands of people. So, your decision taking step should be easy by reading other buyer suggestion and reviews.


    • 1 year comprehensive warranty.
    • Feature loaded.
    • 4+ star rating product.
    • Low price and high performance.


    • Medium and low mode pass slow heat.

    Fan Said: "I am speechless. Does not know what to write in few words, because I'm happy & highly satisfied with everything else from packaging to order delivery. The OTG Oven is value for money and simplest to perform the operation."

    3. AGARO GRAND 21Litre Oven Toaster Grill with 5 heating mode

    best otg oven for small family - agaro

    Our Rating: 9.5/10

    Key Features

    • Prepare the LIP SMACKING FOOD.
    • In-build heating elements for baking, grilling, roasting and more…
    • Bell ringing when done and automatically shut off.
    • Variable temperature setting.
    • Convection technology pass consistent heating for superior results.
    • 5 heating mode suited for all baking.
    • 21 L capacity good for small family and bachelors too.
    • 1 year anytime warranty.

    Get To Know More About Agaro 21L OTG Oven

    This is another OTG Oven From Agaro Brand but it is 21 L and good for small family. The feature is same that you perceive inside Agaro 20L. They also include premium feature like 5 heating modes and convection fans. As the size is small, The price is comparatively low. Hence you can barely check it if you're living alone or having 2 to 3 member in family. 

    The product is available in Black color with convection oven. Best part is that it can already purchased by 2,000 plus people. The research is done through different resources. So, you can buy it without any confusion. Moreover, the product has 4.2 overall rating of 5. Hence, it can be consider best selling item list in Indian market place. 

    Let take a summary of their attributes and specification. It can operate up to 90°C to 230°C temperature. However you can use several mode as per the requirements. The automatic thermostat take care the internal heating environment and shut off the machine when cooked.

    Three knob has fixed. One is for function/modes, second is for temperature and third is for setting the timer. The more information with graphical photos and videos you can endeavor on main product page. The link is given below just end the review. check it product on offer price today.

    Yes, surely we recommend it to our readers and also refer to those who want something best in cheap price. 


    • 1 year manufacture warranty.
    • 21 L capacity for 2 to 3 members.
    • Heat resistant Heat resistant tempered glass.
    • Taste is surprising.


    • Rotisserie missing in the product.

    Fan Said: "I was very sceptical about the oven before buying. Now, I am using it past 7 month. The Build quality is decent. I instantly setup in my kitchen and preheated the oven. Everything worked seamlessly. Go for it, If you’re a first time OTG buyer."

    4. Bajaj 22L Oven Toaster Griller (OTG) with Motorised Rotisserie

    best otg oven in India - bajaj

    Our Rating: 9.7/10

    Key Features

    • 60 Minutes Timer sends you notification alert.
    • function selection switch for different level heating.
    • Stainless steel body is long-lasting and rust free.
    • Comes with 2 year warranty card.
    • Well fitted for 2-5 people.
    • Transparent door with cool handle.
    • Available in silver color with 7900 Grams weight.
    • Outstanding performance and low noise.

    Get To Know More About Bajaj 22L OTG Oven

    It's not incorrect to say, Bajaj is the renowned name in the Indian Market Place. If we look any product connected with old memories, The trust has been magnified. The same situation is held in the case of Bajaj 22L OTG oven. This product has the value in Indian consumer. So, people like to purchase it without ignorance. They laterally pick bajaj instead of other new brand. The reason only one, the peripheral image of product is already captured in our mind. 

    Along with the fact. The bajaj brand offered you a amazing product in term of build quality and performance. However, you can cart it on paying the little extra amount. Yes, the product has used tough material body like stainless steel to design. Thereby the price is slightly high in compare of other brand falling in the same 22L capacity.  

    The wonder has made when we look toward their star rating. There is a high number 2,086 buyer were reviewed at the time of publishing this article. Nonetheless, the number has been increasing as the time passed out. The best part is that the product has 4.2 positive star rating, which is well enough for any product to situated themselves in a best seller list.

    Let's get more closer and know the feature of Bajaj OTG Oven. The product has come in 22L volume, which is perfect for 4-5 people. It has all the cooking capability like Baking, Grilling, toasting. Even you can used it for rotisserie by rotisserie skewer rod with 2 forks.

    This oven comes with 1200 watt to take care all your essential cooking need. The included accessories makes it more peculiar. These 7 accessories are Baking tray, Grill tray, Skewer road, Crumb tray, tongs for baking, and rotisserie attachment.

    The final verdict is the product has perfect match and surely undertaken your all eating demand. So, you can check it through the link given below or read further for more listed products. 


    • 2 year complete warranty.
    • Scatter the premium look.
    • Perfect for cooking, grilling and roasting.
    • Design to compliance Indian household.


    • Overheating issue may face.

    Fan Said: "This is value for money product, exactly the same as shown in the catalog. Very first time, I have made tandoor and cookies - both came out nicely cooked. I had read in some reviews that the door gets heated up or some heat escapes - this doesn't happen in my case."

    5. Morphy Richards 60L Oven Toaster Griller (OTG) with Stay On Function

    best otg oven in India morphy richard

    Our Rating: 9.5/10

    Key Features

    • Bakes all. toasts quick, Grills easy.
    • 2 year full on warranty card.
    • Simple and sophisticated design. 
    • Energy efficient helps maintain heat for a longer time.
    • The outstanding feature of 60 minutes timer.
    • Power: 2000 watts for performing operation.
    • You can even roast with small or no oil or butter.
    • Take less time when need to prepare quantity food.

    Get to know more about Morphy Richard 60L oTG oven

    This is 60 liter capacity to withhold means a lot you have to prepare at a time. The product never disappoint when you have bunch of people at home. you can easily ready quantity of product without any tension or spending less time in kitchen. Meanwhile, you may gossips with your friends until the food is ready. If it has plus point. On the other side minus point also exists. The bigger size OTG require larger space to mount or fix inside the kitchen. Incase, you have small kitchen then we surely oppose to checkout this product. Instead of that you can purchase 25l oven that we discussed earlier in our review list. 

    Now awaked up with some great feature about the product. As the price is laterally double, The brand offer almost all the function that exists in modern world. The main function Motorised Rotisserie is situated inside it. Along with stay on function would allow you to instant use because there is no need to preheat. 

    The 60L capacity with mirror finish look awesome and also an illuminated chamber increase the beauty of kitchen. An idea for the space you can get by the dimension 54.5x36.5x39.5 cm. Although, a heavy machine need high power to operate. Thus, they accomplished it with 2000 watts and the Operating voltage: 210-250 volts.

    A time bypass and stay on function helped you to retain the food warm for a prolonged duration of 2 hours. this might helpful to serve fresh and flavored food after waiting hours. Indeed, a very good option if you're looking something bigger, beautiful and classic. 


    • Stay on function retain freshness and flavors.
    • Galvanised and rust-proof inner chamber
    • Special kebab road.
    • Toast faster without oil. Good for health.


    • Expensive item.

    Fan Said: "Good product, everything is ok. Temperature, function , timer settings all working concisely. I Made a cake yesterday & was wonderful taste. The product is very sturdy in every prospective and give you good attachments as well."

    6. Inalsa Oven Masterchef 24L OTG Oven with 6 Stage Heat Selection 

    best otg oven in Indai - Inalsa

    Our Rating: 9.3/10

    Key Features

    • The large glass door lets you keep an eye on food.
    • Bake and toast to perfection.
    • Perfect for small & medium sized poultry.
    • consistent heating for superior results.
    • 1600-Watt power cooking your food more efficient and faster.
    • Rust free inner and outer surface is easy to clean.
    • Grill and Roast with motorised rotisserie.
    • 24 L large capacity OTG is best suited for every occasion. 

    Get to know more Inalsa 24 L OTG oven

    As a product reviewer i have been noticing that Inalsa has wide range of product list. They are promoting themselves very rapidly. It is exception when we don't add inalsa product in kitchen appliance product review. Based on our research, the brand is regularly focus on improving their all over build quality by analyzing mistakes and customer feedback. Before adding this OTG oven we had visited to the official store and collect the important information that may help you to take perfect decision.

    1600 watt power is well enough for fast heating. This oven griller heated up within 2-3 minute and finalize your cooking task very fast. It's energy efficient technology remarkable to save money on electricity bill and however a best for cutting down your calories. Well, it is right option to cook with no or minimum oil.

    Its interior design to perform multiple function  such as you can even toasting 6 pieces of bread at a time. Promptly, a sleek and comfort design to put upon your kitchen counter-top. With Motorised Rotisserie you can account it to roasted fish, meats and vegetables, to quiche, muffins, pizzas, and more.

    High efficiency double element placed at the top and bottom of the oven. Thus it may help to bake, toast, brown and reheat to perfection. Moreover, The See-Through Glass Door is safely pulled the rack toward you. Hence the door is opened clean and clear.


    • 60 minutes stay on timer.
    • 6 way cooking setting.
    • see through glass door.
    • looks good in modern or traditional kitchens.


    • Body heated up in long hour use.

    Fan Said: "So after doing a lot of searches about OTG oven, I ended up my buying curiosity with this little guy inalsa 24 liter. We're a small family(3 member) and the use of Oven is occasional. So, My decision did not want to buy big oven as my wardrobe and also it cause to block the kitchen as well. The finishing is very good and the brand name is trustworthy!"

    7. KENT OTG (Oven Toaster Griller), 20L, Multifunctional Knobs 

    best otg oven in India- Kent

    Our Rating: 9.2/10

    Key Features

    • auto shut off function is facilitate you when forgot to turn off button.
    • Brand mention the product is suitable for 6 family member.
    • This 1300W OTG comes with a good capacity.
    • Easy Customized Cooking.
    • Keep warm function warm the food for longer duration.
    • Easy cleaning and wipe off those crumbs.
    • 1 year full warranty.
    • Manufacturer used stainless steel to design.

    Get to know more Kent 20 Liter OTG Oven

    Kent is relentlessly for water purifier but right these days they also try to address their name in OTG Oven. Thus they launched 20L Oven. When we look at their feature, specification and build quality. We analyze they relatively perform better in all these factor. However we take decision to add this kent brand in our top 7 list.

    The reason of getting less popular in market is comparison with other wonderful product giving their 100%. It is reality people always looking the history of brand in particular appliance category. Until and unless people may show their interest in buying the Kent OTG oven. However, you can also check it on the main website page. Before leaving the page. you may need to know something about the Kent 20L OTG Oven.

    The oven can extended power up to 1300 watt. So, it's a power saving item and also cook fast as possible. There are 3 knob on one side to adjust the time, temperature and control heat.

    At all the product is not fully moderate with function. Indeed, we're laterally confused whether recommend or not. Whilst, you can check it on trusted website and take decision on the basis of customer feedback.


    • Provide 1 year complete warranty.
    • Keep warm function.
    • Suited for samll family.
    • Rotisserie Function.


    • Overall rating is not good.

    Fan Said: "Really useful in the kitchen for making oil free papad, french fries, cake, and tikka and breads. one disadvantage is they did not provide convection fan. "

    Conclusion {Our Opinion}

    This is the Final result of best OTG Oven in India. Here we recommend our best ever choice out of these 7.

    You can surely check Philips OTG Oven 

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